Medieval Dinner

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 24 Sep 2019


While ago I had the opportunity to partecipate to an medieval dinner, I can't eat because I have celiac disease, but I had the pleasure to be able to assist various shows during the dinner organized by The Burgo Turris group. At the table there was a crown on each plate to be inside of the atmosphere during the dinner, an 80% of the people did not hesitate to wear it immediately.


A lot of food and plenty of wine, a really nice evening spent with friends, the menu was a classic with an entrance of cured meats and cheese accompanied by black bread, followed by bean, corn polenta and stew and as dessert homemade biscuits. 


I've enjoyed the dinner and evening with my friends, personally I was extremely pleased with the wine, the only thing that I could taste, a tasty "Dolcetto", maybe too good, so much that I got a nice hangover after a long time of abstinence from alcohol and I would say it was right thing to do! Between a dish and the other, there were some shows with dances, songs and drums, all surrounded by a pleasant medieval atmosphere.


They were rigorously represented by the King with the Queen with many courtiers and the fool. A dozen of boys at dinner were delighted by dancing with drums and flutes. I had never been to such a dinner, apart from a few persons little bit too drunk that screaming nonsense, was a wonderful evening! 


To acclaim the historic group Burgo Turris who has been able to entertain people in harmony, a group of at least fifty very nice and friendly people. In short, mission accomplished... and in a really great way!!!



                                     Here few drums show videos of the evening:



                                                       And here few dance videos:


Evenings and shows of this kind do not often happen to be admired, fortunately there are groups like this that try to reproduce events lost in time. With passion, a lot of effort and expense of energy can turn an evening that would otherwise have been normal in pure magic! Perhaps the historical reconstruction of the dinner is not related 100% to the period, but what matters is the fantasy with which it was re-proposed! At the end of the evening, a show of fire had to take place, which unfortunately was canceled due to bad weather. An unstable weather with a lot of rain did not allow for the evening to come to its conclusion in the most worthy way, fortunately I had already attended the show this summer and in the video I will propose below, you can admire a really exciting drawn that I could to take in the front line with my "Xiaomi Yi" camera.

All shots and videos are mine! Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon!



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