It's time to celebrate Splinterlands Champions!!!

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 22 Jun 2020

Hey Buddies!

I finally made it!!!! After so much time and sweat as well, especially of my fingertips... 😁 I am, celebrating with a video, directed and interpreted exclusively by myself, 😎 my arrival in the League Champion! 🤩

I'm only anticipating that a cult film cult will be involved, a sport, and in particular a competition, famous all over the world and my balcony, location that's not really cool but I had to improvise!

Now I have a new challenge ahead, because I'm only at the bottom of this league, of course the ambition of each player is to get to number I, it will be difficult if not impossible, the competition is always fierce, but trying is is a must! 💪🏽 👊🏽 🤘🏽

If you didn't join the game yet use my Splinterlands Referral link:

Otherwise join it anyway and cut off my nick at the end of the link and you will be subscribing the site without it!

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