Giant Squid

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 9 May 2020

Giant Squid.png

I'm carnivorous and usually eat squids than playing with them, a giant one from the abyss would scare me a lot for sure!!!! But being my ally in this case, I'm more than happy to have him together than against me!

To be honest, I don't really like creatures without abilities very much, I prefer the ones who have them, although they're usually very strong in both offense and defense.

So I've tried Giant Squid, it's not the first time he's used it but I've never studied it very well, this time I've played three games and tested it well.

Its characteristics are very good, at the first level, like mine, it needs 5 mana to be used, 2 Ranged, 1 Speed, 1 Shield and 4 Health. The drawing of it is monstrously beautiful, a huge squid dominating the oceans of the Splinterlands.

Schermata 20200508 alle 18.06.11.png

I had a good time with it and I think I'll use it again in the future when the opportunity arises.

And it's part of my favorite Splinter, the Water one, along with the Sea Monster and the Ruler of the Sea can really make a killer trio!

You'll see this trio in my video too, I changed my tactics a little bit to the order of Melee, Magic and Ranged, one of them I did by mistake but the result was amazing.

A card that only reaches the maximum level of 8, but at that level can be a very high level fighter with two very useful skills like Blind and Weaken.

Schermata 20200508 alle 18.06.02.png

If you want to take part in the contest here is the link, they're organizing a new one every week, so stay tuned with@splinterlands!

To the next challenge, see you on the battlefield!

Schermata 20200508 alle 18.05.45.png

Enjoy Watching!

Thanks for watching & reading, a big hug and see you soon!

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