10 curious, absurd and spectacular sports

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 9 Jul 2019

Let's go together to discover 10 sports that you might not know, personally I only knew a couple, let's start with the first one!

  • Wife carrying

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Sonkjärvi, Finland, this is where this sport was born, consists of an annual competition in which the husband takes his wife on his shoulders during an obstacle race. There are no precise rules about how to bring the wife, just have her on your shoulders! The final prize? The winner will receive the weight of his wife turned into beer. This is surely one of the most funny and absurd sports in this list, it follows the pure Nord Europe goliardic spirit that characterizes them so much!

  • Sepak Takraw

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Dating back to the 15th century, its name has the literal meaning of "soccer ball", practiced especially in Malaysia and Thailand, the two words that compose it arrive one by one from the corresponding countries. A sort of volleyball in which it is possible to use feet, knees and chin, highly spectacular and very difficulty, each team has 3 players, when the ball falls to the ground or goes out of the field the opponent team make a point like in volleyball.

  • Buzkashi

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Afghan national sport that I personally consider quite macabre as horsemen have to drag a goat remains into the door, which looks like a big donut in the middle of the field, the name comes from the Turkish language and means "hit the goat". In this game there is no special rules, only a honor code to be strictly respected: it is not possible for example to take down other horse players intentionally. In Afghanistan the Taliban had forbidden it, but now it is being played again.

  • Camel races

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The two most famous camel races in the world are played in Australia: the Camel Cup in Alice Springs, and the Boulia Desert Sands, in Queensland. The camels are able to twitch at speed of 65 km/h and maintain the speed of 40 km/h. The Australian one is not the only country in which races are played, among the countries that organize them there are also the United Arab Emirates, it seems to be a great business, which of course is linked to a lot of bets.

  • Bossaball

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Born in Spain, it is a mix of various other sports such as football, athletics, volleyball and Brazilian capoeira. Two trampolines make up the field, each on one side of a net surrounded by an inflatable surface, on each of them there is an attacker who throws the ball, the opposing team has the task of returning the ball to the opposite field with a maximum of 5 touches above the net. Thanks to the inflatables the game is highly acrobatic and spectacular.

  • Capoeira

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Compared to the others this is much more famous in the world, it is often mentioned in movies and television series, from which some moves are sometimes taken to make the fighting even more spectacular. Martial art that comes from Brazil, seems to have been born among the African slaves in the 19th century. Is also called the Dance of War, combining dance, music and acrobatics.


  • Yukigassen

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Born in Japan, its name has the meaning of "snow battle", the classic challenge with snowballs played as children is also an actual sport. Naturally requires particularly cold climatic environments, two teams of 7 players each face each other, when one of the players is hit by a snowball is eliminated from the game. Players must wear helmets that protect their face. Ninety snowballs are prepared in advance before a game.

  • Kabbadi

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A mix between steal flag and wrestling, during the race a "raider" runs through the center line of the field and tries to catch the members of the opposing team, but he must hold his breath until he returns to his side of the field, with the obligation to repeat the word "kabaddi" to prove that it did not take a breath. Mostly practiced mostly in India, Pakistan, Japan and Iran, while Bangladesh declared it its own national sport.

  • Hornussen

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Sport of Swiss origin in which a disk is thrown into the air, which can reach a speed of 300 km/h, that is called a hornuss, which means "bumblebee", the beater hitting it with a flexible stick resembling a whip, opponents must try to catch it by throwing large signs fixed on long sticks, called schindels, into the air. The first game was played in Lauperswil, a Bern Canton, in 1625, but it was widely distributed only in 2012, thanks to the creation of its first international association.

  • Ferret-legging

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We close the list with this sport that seems to have been invented by the workers of the Yorkshire coal mines, England. The "ferret in the pants" is very similar to a resistance test, in which the players put some ferrets alive in the trousers and they trap them closing with a rope the opening to the ankles, it will come out victorious he who will be able to hold longer the ferret in his paints, the current world record is 5 and a half hours. Very popular in the 1970s, and returned to the footlight thanks to the competitions held in Richard between 2003 and 2009.

We have come to the end of these curious sports, apart from the snowball battle, which I had no idea had become a real sport, I only knew Capoeira, having lived a year in Brazil and Sepak Takraw, which I discovered thanks to a friend few years ago. For this post I was inspired by this site, I reviewed the article, added some things and videos, all the pictures instead come from the site itself, having found these sports very curious I wanted to share them with you!


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