Will Ethereum Classic Make History the Same way Ethereum is doing?

All along i never thought of comparing and contrasting Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, but i was so fantasized with its progress so far. I used to check its prices here and there just to see how it was doing and the last time i did so was in February 2021 and by that time it was still being traded for $7.

To my surprise i checked today and i was shocked to see it trading at $90.29 Let me just do a brief explanation of what Ethereum Classic is.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is a crypto currency created in 2016 as a result of hard fork of Ethereum after it was hacked and millions of coins were stolen. Ethereum Classic is used as a network for hosting smart contracts and it also support DAaps which is the main reason behind its surge in price since these are the new current technologies.



Ethereum had humble beginnings, and i used to own a few Ethereum coins around December 2016 and i had bought them for $6 per coin. I sold them for about $12, i had no idea i was throwing away coins which would have made me rich today because i had 50 of them. Slowly ETH started gaining recognition and boom, it exploded now it making wave.

What is the Fate of ETC?

So as for ETC i never thought i will also be like ETH, but the way it has been rising made me look into it to see what could be the reason for its surge and could it be possible for it to be the next ETH someday. Well on that i cant really say but let me give you a summary of the key factors:

Supply:             116,313,299 ETC           115,749,572 ETH

Capitalization: $10,463,027,103           $385,186,517,584    

Price:                $90.29                           $3,332.71 

They both has supply which is almost the same, which is crucial but ETH has high capitalization as it has covered so much ground. As for the price ETH is now in 4 digits zone and ETC still in 2 digit zone and fast approaching $100, as i was writing the price has jumped from $77 to 90 and it seem not to be stopping.

Both coins are targeting the same market, they are both into smart contracts, DAaps so there are higher chances that ETC will reach the 4 digits zone to be close to ETH. As for ETC being above ETH that wont happen because ETH is fast moving like the lightning Bolt.


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