Will Crypto.com (CRO) Succed in penetrating and Conquering the Crypto Market

Will Crypto.com (CRO) Succed in penetrating and Conquering the Crypto Market

The best way to penetrate the market and become the most victorious is through first finding the errors made buy other crypto currencies an correct them. Also refining refining the ideas an concepts once implemented by other crypto currencies so that you become with most complete crypto asset. Then lastly add some of the feature that lack from your competitors so that you will give investors the reason to buy your project.

Main Features of CRO

The common feature that Crypto.com share with Kucoin and Binance its the Crypto trading exchange platform and its main-net which its launching on 8 November. Already investors as an option to migrate their ERC-20 CROs to the new public Blockchain from CRO. On this feature we are expecting it to be cheap to transact on and instant transactions so as to beat its competitors. Currently Binance has lowest fees and i hope CRO has a better offer when it comes to less fees.

If it happens that its main-net is reliable, fast and cheap then there are chances that it will be complete with others and become a smart contract provider. As CRO as the native toke n for Crypto.com with a lot of backing it will surely make waves taking note that the company is offering more than just a payment system since it has Credit cards were those who use them get rewards for using them which is a marketing strategy.

What else should they do?

Their token has to be listed on other major crypto exchange platforms like Binance as this will create awareness to investors and traders and this will increase its rate of adoption.

Then another thing on heir own exhange platform they should increase the number of markets being traded there now since they have only 260 and they have 217 trading pairs as compared to Binance which has more than 600 trading pairs and this will improve the liquidity. So they still have a lot co cver but they are on the right channel and i believe in 5 to 10years they will be untouchable. I just bought my last chunk of CROs now um just waiting for them to do their duties while the price is booming.

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