Whats the future of these 3 Gladiators

I chose 3 alt-coins and i am going to do a short analysis on them to see where they are herding. I am going to analyze the price, capitalization and supply  and they are as follows:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum Classic


Bitcoin Cash is the product of hard folk which happened in 2017 and it was trading around $440 per coin. I would say this is the advanced version of bitcoin, of-course Bitcoin is the ancestor of all but when it comes to certain issues it disappointing sometime.

I takes time to confirm transactions unless if you want your transaction to be confirmed fast you will have to pay more e.g $12 but it different with bitcoin cash. Bitcoin is cheaper to transact with and it is also fast when it comes to confirming transactions. It is also on the Binance smart contract which could be the reason behind low charges.

Currently it is trading at $683.25 and has an all time high of $4,355.62. Its supply is low at 18,752,500.00 BCH and the market capitalization is $12,812,712,546.

LItecoin is also on Binance Smart contract with a supply of 66,752,414.52 LTC which increase whenever a block is mined and market capitalization of $12,063,267,502 and trading at $180.72 per coin. It had an all time high of $305 which was set in 2017 and 23 days ago it broke that all time high and set a new one of $412.96. The future of LTC seems bright and it will soon find its spot in the top 10 again.

Ethereum Classic was created in 2016 after Ethereum was hacked and millions were lost and as a result a fork happened and it has been performing a bit up and down around the $23.

This year in may it made history and broke that barrier and reach an all time high of $179 as i had predicted in one of my previous articles where i predicted that ETC will soon hit 3 figures but now its down again and trading at $67 but if all goes well i see it moving toward the $82 mark and from there it will go up again. Its supply is at 116,313,299.00 ETC and capitalization at $7,816,162,124 which gradually went up from $1.6 billion to 47 this was a great move. I see ETC clocking $450 in the next 3-4 years.

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