Price Analysis of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Binance Coin

Let me do a quick price analysis of ETH, ETC, BTC and BNB so that we can have a clue of what is going to happen in the market and time our re entry on our last liquidated positions.


Right now it is being traded at $2,230.01 and is down with 2.7%. It is herding down to $1,957 and that level is where it will find support of the Horizontal trend line and the slopping trend line. So if $1,800 holds then we are safe to buy at $1,957 going up until it breaks $2,600


Ethereum Classic

It is now traded at $30.27 and is down wit 7% and it is still showing bearish signs. I am expecting it to go down till $22 and that is the safest zone to buy as there are liquidity pools on that level. If it fails to break $20 then we are safe to buy.



It is currently being traded at $49,338.71 and is down w 0.89%. It broke a trend line on daily chart and i am expecting it to continue going down to $43,000 and that zone is our safe zone to re-enter and buy again and i am expecting that it will find resistance at around $57,000 then fro m there it can surge again.


Binance Coin

It is down with 2.23% and it is currently selling for $501.12 per coin and i am expecting to go further down till it reach $350 then if the level at $340 holds then we are safe to buy. I believe Binance coin is mo lucrative and it has a great future ahead, my money is on this.


It was just a quick analysis if you have something to add up or you think i am wrong feel free to let me know your opinions in the comment section


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