Investing your IFarm Tokens with Harvest Finance with no Deposit Fees

Investing your iFarm token earnings from publish0x is the best thing you can do at the moment. iFarm is like a receipt that you own the Farm Token. If you take a closer look at it it is a promising token with a brighter future ahead.

Why Do i say its promising?

For a crypto token to be said its promising, we should look at certain factors and i always talk more about these factors in my articles so i am not going to go deeper with it, i will just brush through. First let me give you an example why i say so, lets take a look at Yearn-finance which is a well performing Decentralized Finance.

It has a limited supply of 36,635.03 YFI and its capitalization and its capitalization is still $1,580,343,755 buy its trading at $43,177.77 which is more expensive than Bitcoin. Now imagine Harvest Finance Token is trading at $72.41 with a supply of 565,387.76 FARM which is less than that of Bitcoin so you can imagine where its going to be in the next 10 years.


As you can see the APY for Farm is 50.16% which is a good yield and it has the high number value of assets valued at 24.02M deposited into the farms which is a good start.

Advantages of Harvest Farms Deposits

As we know this token is Ethereum related and the transaction fees are paid in ethereum. So when ever you want to deposit on any Yield Farming Platform you will pay transaction cost which is costly to invest, but with Harvest Finance its story of the past.

Due to the recent updates now when you want to deposit your iFarms on Harvest Finance you are no longer charged deposit fees. So those who could not invest their small earning from publish0x you can now happily invest and invest more iFarms while you relax.


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