DeFi with No or Less Impermanent Loss

Earlier today i posted an article i was talking about Impermanent Loss, you can click this link it will lead you on that article. In this article i am going to talk about top 10 DeFi with Less or No impermanent loss and those DeFi are the best, i think you can deposit in liquidity pools using them.

There are some which has high Impermanent Loss e.g Sushiswap,PerlinX, PancakeSwap, Bakerswap e.t.c. These consider much the price fluctuations and if you make a bad move the loss will be a permanent loss, below i have a list with those with No or Less.



#1 we have Venus with No impermanent loss at all and this could be the reason behind its huge number of locked assets of $2,433,918,993.20. On

#2 we have Curve which has less impermanent loss.

#3 we have Synthetix which has No impermanent Loss

#4 Flamincome with No impermanent Loss

#5 dForce with No Impermanent Loss

#6 Harvest Finance with 28.57% No impermanent Loss, 57.14 Less impermanent & 14.29% High Loss

#7 we have yearn Finance which has No impermanent Loss

#8 we have swerve which has low impermanent loss

#9 we have Fortube with Non impermanent Loss

#10 Then we have S.Finance with 66.7% Low impermanent Loss and 33.3 impermanent Loss

The above list is made up of Decentralized Finance Protocols and Lending Platforms with No or Less impermanent loss. Its every investor's desire to invest in something he/she enjoys the full benefits of his investments.So there are higher chances that whenever they are to invest they will always consider if the platform has No or Less impermanent Loss.


Take your time to decide on which you want to put your stake on so that your enjoy each and every penny rewarded to you and not take impernant losses and maybe making them permanent.

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