Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto signed Another Groundbreaking deal for $216 million with IG Group.

If i am asked which crypto currency do you think is the crypto assets of the month i would gladly say  Last month had its mainnet cronos  went live and they signed a deal on naming right with the Staples Center and we saw the price sky rocketing and we were just waiting for them to take full charge on 25 December and from that we expect another bull run which will get us to $1.

Whilst we were all waiting for that to happen in December and billboard changing in June 2022 we were hit again in the head with another banging good news. I learnt that just bought two exchanges from IG group for $216 million. The proposed acquisition “will give our customers access to an entirely new set of financial tools,” and this was said by the C.E.O of Kris Marszalek.

From only those 2 spend $916 million and we can all see how dedicated they are in making this a banger. On my last article i talked on why would overtake Binance and some did not believe but from this only we can clearly see that they are doing all it takes and this will become the biggest exchange in the crypto market. 


We are expecting a lot of adoption from new investors and there will be much demand for CRO and the price will sky rocket very soon. This is an investment which will payoff handsomely. Taking a good look at the above picture we can clearly see that the bull run just got started and its determined for greater heights and very soon this coin will be in the top 10,

With all these good news coming in we need to brace our selves for other surprises as has proved to be full of surprises. I am pretty sure if they happen to burn some supply and have more listing we CRO  will surely secure its spot at number 2 while its preparing to take the second spot in years to come.


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