related Tokens are the next Big Tokens to watch out for related Tokens are the next Big Tokens to watch out for

We have a lot of different types of Crypto currencies e.g, tokens, stable coins, alt-coins and the likes. They are also categorized differently e.g meme, DeFi and Yield. So if you are to invest in these you have a lot to consider and you will have a valid reason to purchase a certain type you want.

Some Crypto currencies were just created unanimously and with no trace and have no any sought of backing e.g Bitcoin, It is just an ordinary but also the ancient alt-coin. There is no centralization in it an its price is purely determined by supply and demand only, but we have tokens like MCO & CRO which are Ethereum based tokens and is the company behind these projects.

What other Products and Services are being offered by

It is offering a quite number of products and services which include,

  • Crypto exchange platform
  • Wallet
  • Visa cards
  • Crypto credit
  • Blockchain services
  • NFTs
  • pay

These are just some of the goodies being offered by, so with these we can try and anticipate what could happen to their tokens? Lets take a look in the technical analysis.



Just to see that this token has greater potentials, in march 2021 it went up fro $4 and set its all-time high of $71 which is a huge move. Currently its heading down and this will give us a great opportunity to buy at lower prices then enjoy later.

We just have to wait for a bullish confirmation before we jump in. Its supply is just 31,587,682 with a market capitalization of $116,099,905. With these factors there seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.



CRO is a cryptocurrency token for their chain and is trading as low as $0.1656 and is ranked number 35 with a market capitalization of $4,183,569,960 which is huge. However on the chart above we can see a possible head and shoulder forming, so we just have to patiently wait for the structure to complete then jump in.


MCO and CRO are good tokens with bright future, they are worthy looking into. You can share your analysis and comments and this will be greatly appreciated.

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