Is the crypto market blind to the token with the greatest potential multipliers I’ve EVER seen?

 Well, in short, the answer is yes! Obviously, if that wasn’t the case this gem would not be horrendously undervalued.

You’d have to dig to find it, but isn’t that the point! Ok, my first clue, it’s in the hottest space in crypto … DeFi.

Ok, so what am I alerting you to?

Here are a few further clues:

Non-pooled, Individualised Lending Platform
Fixed Interest Rates for Lenders
Incentivised Borrowers earn Rewards
Token Buy Back and Burn
Staking the Native Token 

If your fancy has yet to be piqued. I need explain further what you have just read, because what is before you is effectively a license to print money.

Let’s break this down. 
Up until just last month, the best options to earn from your crypto holdings (on top of just hodling) were pooled loan platforms. The biggest names you will know are Aave and Compound. They have been hugely successful and a literal boon for holders of both tokens.

Just since November 2020, Aave has gone from $27 to $437 today with a market cap of $5.5bn and a circulating supply of 12m.

So, in just 5 months you could have made 16x on your investment. Not too shabby, eh. Some very wealthy holders have been made.

Let’s look at COMP in comparison. Compound sits ranked #57 with a $2.8bn market cap and a circulating supply of 5m giving a tidy $562 per token. In the same 5 month timeframe, it rose from $87 for over a 6x gain.

I highlight these metrics because, what we want to find is something that has the ability to do that or more. For this, we need a micro market cap under $15m. Even better if the circulating supply were to be 16x smaller than just COMP!!!

Let’s hold those thoughts and circle back in a bit.

More importantly than the above stats, we need to look at what might be needed to rival the top two tokens in the DeFi Lending space. 

Clearly, the project would have to offer functionality that will bring a micro cap to the top table and this is where we need to discuss some of the clues I suggested at the top.

Non-pooled, Individualised Lending Platform 
Let me describe the difference between this and Aave and Compound. Having your funds in a pool is a fluid state, and because of this, APY returns are offered. These will fluctuate depending on the demand and size of the pool. Not optimal.

However, with a platform where all loans are individualised, what you sign up for is EXACTLY what you get when the loan is repaid.

Fixed Interest Rates for Lenders 
With pooled loans, you might be looking at 17% APY on your collateral, but other lenders will look to chase this return and dilute the pool. Therefore, what started out as 17% can trend substantially lower, sometimes towards nearly 0%.

A platform that offers fixed interest rates means you get EXACTLY what you agreed to when the loan began. If your loan has an interest rate of 8% fixed for 30 days, you will receive 8% interest in 30 days. NOT APY. For comparison, 8% on 30 days is the equivalent to 96% APY. 

Mmm, none too shabby.

Incentivised Borrowers earn Rewards 
Now this is interesting. Aave and Compound have been fantastic in finding crypto holders that want to put their holdings to work, earning passive income. The total value locked (TVL) of holders on both platforms is in the billions of dollars. However, as great as that looks at first blush, if you dig slightly deeper you will find that 70% of loans on Aave are sitting idle and Compound is not much better at 48%!!!

Let that sink in for a second. The majority of collateral between the two is not earning any return, nada, zero, zilch!!!

You would think a platform that offers the Borrower a reward for taking a loan might be just the incentive needed to draw across these huge sums of money. 

Great, so the gem you are reading about offers this, and it’s not insignificant either. The reward can reduce the effective interest a Borrower pays down to 1-2%. In fact, in some cases it has paid the full interest on the loan!!!

Token Buy Back and Burn 
Now, this is more nuanced than the above benefits to both Lenders and Borrowers, but this clue benefits both. The platform mints the rewards for the Borrowers when they complete their loan, but to combat this all the platform fees are used to buy YLD off of the open market and then burn it. This counteracts the inflation of minting making the platform most likely inflation neutral, although, I personally think there is a slight weighting towards a deflationary situation due to the fact that even a small percentage of defaulted loans adds to more burning than minting. But that’s some of the very nifty tokenomics of this platform that can be discussed more deeply another time.

Staking the Native Token 
This is a further utility of the token that benefits both lenders and borrowers, and token holders. As a lender, you can stake the token and get a 25% discounted rate on your platform fees. As a borrower, this discounting mechanism means the borrower’s rewards increase! Wow, both parties benefit from the staking!!! Clearly, this increased utility for the native token on top of its use within the platform gives continued upward pressure on the native token value. 

And the benefits just keep coming! 

If you are serious about making your collateral work for you, you will also have one eye on your tax situation. Now don’t brush this off, because what you might not realise is that, when using both Aave and Compound, to make use of their platforms you purchase either ‘a’ or ‘c’ tokens respectively on their platforms to be able to benefit from their platform rewards. On entering and exiting both platforms you are creating a taxable event.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just use the platform without incurring a taxable event? BOOM. This is now possible with this DeFi gem of gems.

Are you ready, have I teased you enough? 'What it this gem you speak of sir’? ‘Our bodies are ready?’

Patience, young padawans. I have a few more interesting nuggets to serve up first.

This platform has more collateral assets available to lend or use for borrowing than both Aave and Compound put together!!!

Yes, in fact, any token with a Chainlink feed can be added to the platform. Wow, a platform that is offering utility to other cryptos.

Isn’t this what crypto was all about in the first place? Something that unifies all and allows everyone to be their own bank???

Well, I think the answer is yes. This project is a true community project. Created without the need for Venture Capitalists, an ICO, or pre-seed funding of any kind. Just an airdrop to early adopters, beta testers and a small band of enthusiastic and dedicated supporters, who pulled together to take the token from the ashes to greatness. Supporting their highly regarded anon lead dev. 

Before I finally reveal the gem you need to be buying into now and the platform you need to be using if you enjoy making incredible returns, I want to suggest a few hypotheticals.

The current market cap of this token is actually under $14m.

To reach a few competitors, it would have to do the following:

8x to CREAM - $113m 
21x to ANCHOR PROTOCOL- $295m
30x to ALPHA FINANCE - $420m
200x to COMPOUND - $2.8bn
392x to AAVE - $5.5bn

Intriguing, huh!?!

And there’s plenty to look forward to, if that wasn’t already enough. The platform is in the process of integrating onto Fantom’s Opera mainnet. This is great because it reduces gas fees dramatically and it brings the project closer to Andre Cronje’s ecosystem, and YFI and KP3R are already listed on the platform.

Also, a certain DeFi genius is building a pseudo pooling addition to the platform, which will automate larger loan options than the current $50k maximum.

With a marketing partnership with Gokhshtein Media in the offing, big things are expected.

Ok, what is this gem I have outlined. 

Well if you hadn’t already scrolled to the end in a desperate attempt to jump ahead it is… ($YLD)

There you have it. Currently sitting at a laughable #956 on Coingecko, you have the opportunity to buy in to the greatest potential multipliers I’ve EVER seen. 

Aave and Compound are sitting at the top table of crypto, all fine, but as an investor, your opportunity to make the huge gains are gone with both.

But not with Yield. This is your chance, don’t let it slip. 

Go to for more info or check for up to date stats.

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DeFi Lending - Making your crypto work harder
DeFi Lending - Making your crypto work harder

There are many ways to increase your crypto pot. The obvious start point is buying crypto and having a bag. From there you can stake in geysers, you can leverage trade it, or just hodl and watch in increase. But have you thought about making your crypto increase by lending it out and collecting interest on it? I will post an article shortly comparing the main players in the DeFi lending arena so you can DYOR and decide if it's for you.

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