Ethverse partnered with FalconSwap dex with Scalable Layer 2 built on the Uniswap

Ethverse partnered with FalconSwap dex with Scalable Layer 2 built on the Uniswap

Ethverse a blockchain game built on Minecraft meets now Scalable dex FalconSwap built on Uniswap

Ethverse is collaborating with FalconSwap, a layer 2 convention based on Uniswap Protocol to decrease exchange expenses and opening entryways for FalconSwap people group to join Ethverse.



Ethverse is an open, intuitive, and decentralized virtual universe constructed utilizing the Minecraft gaming motor and Ethereum blockchain. Ethverse clients own and exchange land and resources inside the world. Ethverse permits clients to take part in vivid encounters and adapt resources and administrations.

  • FalconSwap will join as one of the early adopters of Ethverse and dispatch their FalconSwap HQ inside Ethverse
  • Ethverse will work with FalconSwap in arranging in-game occasions for their locale in Ethverse including expeditions, meetups, and so on.
  • Falconswap will uphold $ETHV exchanging pair on the dispatch day of their exchanging stage and permit Ethverse holders to exchange at much lower gas expenses.
  • Falconswap will incorporate $ETHV exchanging pair for our liquidity mining program. Clients will mine $FSW tokens by exchanging $ETHV on FalconSwap.

This commonly useful association will open up entryways for participation in the development and advancement of the decentralized biological system.

You can learn more about our projects:


FalconSwap Website:
FalconSwap Telegram:

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Crypto Enthusiastic from Mumbai

DeFi is good but beware of the scams
DeFi is good but beware of the scams

Yes !!! Everyone in the crypto space talking only about DeFi nowadays that is really good part to be on transparent and tamper-proof blockchain layer if connected with community authorized Decentralized Finance for all of us here but take care of the facts that it also attracted many scammers to start scamming innocent people trapped for the easy money. People in the greed of easy x5 and x10 profit started investing closed eyes on the name of the #DeFi and that could lead us to the 2017 fake ICO scenario.

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