DEFI - compare the outcome Goose Finance vs. Ape Swap plus high risk RamenSwap

DEFI - compare the outcome Goose Finance vs. Ape Swap plus high risk RamenSwap

Hello guys,

since some of you red my last posts yesterday about Goose Finance and later Ape Swap and someone asked me in Discord to followthe investments - comment them and write a bit about the outcome and why I do what I thought about writing an other post.

Since I got a hint that theres a new tranding DEFI Ramen Ill include that in my summary since I joined today at 3 pm GMT+1 at 18 Dollar/Ramen with my liquid rewards from Goose/Ape


What were the enteringpoints?

Goose Finance

16.02 with ~36 BNB  at arround 2 pm GMT+1
130.59 Dollar / BNB
53,73 Dollar / EGG

Ape Swap with ~9,2 BNB at arround 10.45 pm GMT+1
1.94 Dollar / Banana

RamenSwap with less than 1 bnb
18.02 Dollar / Ramen

So totally 45,2 BNB invested into Goose/Ape Swap/Ramen


Now Ill track it over some timepoints:


Guys - Ill keep you up 2 date

*update 16:30


Since we have arround 48 left of phase 2 in Banana Ill shift 50% of my reward from Goose => Ape, the other half goes in the wBNB Pool.
I just shifted all rewards to Ramen since I newly discovered it thanks for the Tip @Rammbock in Discord.



Ill edit this picture from my excel every time Ill update it :)

I hope you read the Blog and you like it - Id appreciate some feedback

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DEFI - first steps by Onat42
DEFI - first steps by Onat42

ride the wave - get some impressions about the first defi experiences from me lets hope the wave gets me to my first million :)

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