Defi on the brand new ApeSwap

Defi on the brand new ApeSwap

Hello Guys,

since the brand new Apeswap opened and its as well on the bnb chain I decided to give it a try and get a 2nd Leg for my possible journey to my first million :)


I guess I wont have to show you again how to get some BNB to the metamask - if you need to remember heres the Link zu my first post 1st Post from Goose Finance - how to get BNB to Metamask


now we have the BNB at the Metamask - perfect we can go on

I did a withdraw from Goosefinance for 0.06 bnb to have a bit more bnb and swaped 4.6 to 300 Bananas


than you have to click on Farm => stake and add the Liquidity.



Now I see my Bananas grow.

Time for a short break and summary - I created a small excel with the investment of goose and now Banana


I think its quite clear the first line is the start how much did I buy/provided Liquidity and at what cost. With each line the time passed and theres a new state.


cheers - and lets hope that Bananas and EGGs go to the moon till tomorrow :)


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DEFI - first steps by Onat42
DEFI - first steps by Onat42

ride the wave - get some impressions about the first defi experiences from me lets hope the wave gets me to my first million :)

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