The first Step into defi with Goose Finance

The first Step into defi with Goose Finance

Hello everybody,

at the Request of a User I really like Ill describe you the way to your first egg investment at Goose Finance.

Required is a binance account to get some BNB - if you want to support me and you dont have a Binance account Id be happy if you use my reflink Binance Reflink

Part #1 Requirements to invest

1.) get some BNB

2.) you need metamask or a similar Wallet (Trustwallet, Mathwallet, Binance Chain Wallet or similar) Ill do it with Metamask since I already have it installed.

Part #2 Preparation

You need to connect your wallet to the correct Chain


Click on Settings


Scroll down to networks


# 3 getting the funds

1.) get some btc to binance or buy there with your creditcard

than buy bnb


For this journey Ill start with 36.37 BNB => send it to your metamaskadress of BNB

go to wallet and do the transaction - important! use the BSC network



Gratullation - now you have your bnb on your metamask



now go to and look for a farm you would like 2 join .....

I want to start with the EGG-BNB LP Farm - so I have to use the exchange


Now I swap 50% of my bnb to EGGS and can start earning in the farm.


Click on the Deposit in the hide part



here you can add the BNB or WBNB plus the eggs - they have to be the same worth



Once you deposited it you can start to farm



Gratullation your first defi Investment is done.


Now Id recommend using the left over BNB or Eggs in the Nest




Every time your farm has a half egg/egg you could withdraw it and put it into the egg basket. Once the worth in the eggbasket is enough you can withdraw it any time.




just like in every defi/crypto project - do your own research b4 entering a project and dont 4get to put constantly some of the rewards out.



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DEFI - first steps by Onat42
DEFI - first steps by Onat42

ride the wave - get some impressions about the first defi experiences from me lets hope the wave gets me to my first million :)

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