This ICO made me realise my wallet was 86% at risk! 😲

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 19 Nov 2023

If you want to use the platform or you want to enter the ICO you can use my referral link to get access!

If you're someone like me that really wants to learn how to practice self-custody but lacks the know-how on how to keep your wallets safe, then this project is definitely something you need to look out for. 

On the other hand, if you are someone that knows how to keep your wallet safe but are tired of having to do all the work manually, this project can make things SO much easier for you so I do recommend that you give it a look because it will make your life easier!

How and Why I found this ICO

I got into crypto three years ago and the learning curve has been quite steep, I always struggled to build up the confidence to practice self custody or use DeFi products simply out of the fear that I might make a stupid mistake that may cost me dearly. However, with the recent exchange FUD that happened last year I started to realise that I really need to start learning how to trust myself, because some exchanges simply cannot be trusted. So I started messing around some Dexes with some new wallets and slowly built the confidence to start using more defi services with my main wallet and I have to say, although it was intimidating my confidence started growing!

However, I felt like I needed something that allows me to keep track of all my wallets, the access that I have granted to certain website, contracts that I may have signed that I did not really understand, and stuff that I may not even be aware about. This is when I found :

DeFi 2.0

After connecting my wallet I was shocked to see this result :


No matter how safe and careful I was being, there were contracts from back in 2021 that were putting my wallet at risk! Not only could I see which contracts this were, and what the issue was, but I could also revoke the access to these contracts from the platform itself! As you can imagine I immediately revoked all these contracts ( and other minor risks that are not shown in this photo) and before you know it... Voila!


This is just one of the many features this platform has to offer. But I have to say having this shield protecting my wallet is increasing my confidence ten fold in exploring DeFI further. You can also link Centralised exchanges to see all your assets in one place!

No wonder this antivirus and shield features is already being used by MAJOR networks such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Base, ZkSync and many more! Crypto is meant to be navigated through DeFi and this ICO is definitely something that is needed. In my opinion this is going to pave the way for DeFi to become mainstream. Token Launch | Hidden Gem with Unstoppable Potential | by Max | Oct,  2023 | Medium

The ICO has already raised 5 Million USD so far with 3 Rounds of Launchpad left to go. They are backed by the biggest VCs in the industry and I highly recommend looking into it !

If you want to use the platform or you want to enter the ICO you can use my referral link to get access!

If you want to learn more about the project, check out my previous article that goes into more detail about why this project is a great investment!


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