The BEST ICO opportunity for this cycle - Already used by Polygon, Fantom & ZkSync!

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 16 Nov 2023

How often do you get the chance to get in a project early AFTER it has already proven itself to be successful? Almost never. Get in the ICO HERE

TL;DR for the busy readers:

- De.Fi Antivirus being used by Polygon, Fantom, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, ZKSync and others to secure their network

- Backed by biggest VCs in the industry including VCs invested in Tesla & SpaceX

- Offering features such as : Social Profile, DeFiGPT, Secure Layer 2 DEX & Yields!

- Launchpad is currently ongoing with 3 rounds left ! Get involved today HERE

Enter De.Fi 2.0

The De.Fi team have been working relentlessly behind the scenes for the past 4 years to bring a new product that will revolutionise DeFi. In this article I will highlight the main points that you need to know about for your convenience. 

What Is DeFi? Crypto Finance Applications Explained

The De.Fi Antivirus

The most promising feature that caught my attention about this project initially was a feature that is ALREADY being used by BIG names in the crypto industry such as Polygon (MATIC), Fantom, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base and ZkSync amongst others. They have already mentioned partnerships that will be worked on in 2024 including - Polkadot, Aptos, Sui, Tron and many more! This feature is the DeFi Antivirus, which includes the DeFi Scanner & DeFi Shield. 


The Crypto Antivirus suite offers cutting-edge security tools, including the De.Fi Scanner, a multi-layered solution that performs comprehensive technical audits and liquidity analyses of any token in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, the De.Fi Shield automatically scans the user's wallet for high-risk tokens and provides detailed descriptions of potential risks.

Here's a sneak peak as to what it looks like : 


But wait, there's more SO MUCH MORE. 

Not only is the technology they are working on being used and implemented into a majority of networks that are already proven in the crypto industry. They have also received backing by the biggest names in the VC industry. We're talking VCs that invested in Tesla & SpaceX!


Other Features worth mentioning : Token Launch | Hidden Gem with Unstoppable Potential | by Max | Oct,  2023 | Medium

De.Fi Social Profile:

A one-stop profile page for users to explore detailed profiles of other DeFi users, including DeFi Assets, investments and reputation among other information to be added on later

De.Fi Connect:
A feature for the DeFi community to participate in events, activities and discussions all about DeFi

De.Fi GPT:
A GPT model AI chatbot that will aid users to learn, analyse and discuss everything DeFi and crypto. Whether it's about learning about a project, aiding you in your research, providing market trends, suggesting investment decisions or providing personalised recommendations. It will cater to your needs and help you nagivate the web3 world with ease and comfort.

De.Fi L2 Chain:
A Decentralised exchange that is not filled with scams, shitcoins or shady rug pulls. More info about the De.Fi L2 Chain is expected to come out late next year as it will be ready to launch in early 2025 accoring to their roadmap.


What to expect in 2024?

A quick overview of the roadmap for next year



In conclusion : 

This surely seems to be the most promising ICO I've seen in a very long time. It has :

✅ a team that is experienced, knowledgeable and tried & tested in the crypto industry

✅ a product that is already being used by the top players in the industry

✅backing by companies that are known to be able to scout talent that will leave a massive impact

✅A roadmap that is being respected and worked on consistently 

✅A decentralised product that also offers ease-of-use and scalability.


If you're interested in learning more about the project or getting involved in the ICO before the launchpad runs out. Check out their website HERE 


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