TRON Launches DeFi community governance mining token: SUN

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 2 Sep 2020


TRON today launched its new DeFi Token: SUN which will be a community governance token. It’s functionality are driven by community initiative and the proposal decisions will be driven by SUN voting power.

How to mine SUN?

Currently SUN can be mined on or . Word of caution: Please use TRONLINK extension ONLY for staking.

The staked TRX is locked for a period of 14 days after which the TRX and the earned SUN tokens can be claimed. There are no pre-mined, no reserves for the team, no venture capital (VC) or private investments. SUN could only be mined!

Total Supply of TRC20 SUN is only: 19900730

Genesis Mining: Stake TRX into SUN’s smart contract. After the completion of Genesis Mining, the smart contract will reward SUN and refund all assets back to users’ accounts, charging no handling fees. Regular Mining: At this stage, TRX, JST, USDJ, WIN, BTT, high-quality community projects, and some liquidity mining pools will be set up. Users can participate in mining by staking different tokens.

For more details please read the whitepaper:

It has been approximately 1 hour since the mining started and at the time of writing this article there are already 2.5 Billion TRX in the staking pool.

Will the small supply and community governance drive the valuation of SUN upwards in days to come?

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