After the Integration of FarmFarmer.Farm and Mythical.Farm to DCity and Splinterlands

By chorock | DCity Stories | 17 Dec 2020

Yesterday I saw that DCITY cards and Splinterlands cards available for sale on [FarmFarmer Farm]( and [Mythical Farm]( I was very exited to buy DCity cards on Mythical which I mine for a month. I invested $180 and waited for this time!


For those who do not know, [FarmFarmer Farm]( and [Mythical Farm]( are simple games staking your NFTs to start earning. After staking NFTs you bought You earn $Farm (=$1) and $Mythical (=$0,16)

and Today I saw the annoucment of @aggroed [FarmFarmer.Farm and Mythical.Farm integrate DCITY and Splinterlands cards for sale.](


I bought a few DCity cards and I invested Mythical with my SIM. I will change my passive income chart after this progress and Mythical will my be on the top of the chart. I will supoort it from other incomes.

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DCity Stories
DCity Stories

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