#ESMpicks Round-up : Badge of Pawesomeness Picks : Year2-Vol. 11

#ESMpicks Round-up : Badge of Pawesomeness Picks : Year2-Vol. 11

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 12 Jan 2023

#ESMpicks Round-up
Badge of Pawesomeness Picks Year2-Vol. 11

Hello friends and fans of D.Buzz,

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Thank you and keep up the great work for your chance to be in the next round of featured articles!

Since we're on our second week of 2023, how has it been so far? Has it been a bit overwhelming? Enough to get you thinking that maybe your new year goals need a lil more time to think through? Here's an article that might help declutter any form of bitterness and create room for happiness in your life as shared by @debbie-ese. Why you ask we may need to declutter? It's to make room for new experiences in our lives amidst the other aspects that have chained us to the past, much like how OP says,"We should not harbor them because they are not going to add any value to us." Image from @debbie-ese post Something that may help in decluttering one's mind is a nice long walk, and if you're game for more of a challenge, why not find an awesome spot to hike much like this trip to Changmang hill : northeast wall india as shared by @vinayj --- the views OP took from this place is just surreal! And surprisingly enough, despite its imposing rocky hills, there is actually a community here that seems to have been forgotten by time, even the animal and plant life here look like they're taking all the time in the world. This definitely looks like a trek to change one's perspective in life. (─ ‿ ─) Image from @vinayj post     If trekking the great outdoors sounds like a bit of a rush too soon, then try looking up into our skies and just breath. Especially if you're treated to such an amazing sky at sunset view as shared by @xarabista, the thought that there is something more grand out there may cross your mind and the things you've been thinking up till now will soon come to pass in the grand scheme of what's in store for us. image from @xarabista post     Photos are a great way to capture the beautiful moments in life, but if you happen to prefer stretching out your peaceful days in calm, painting is one of the many past times that might suit your fancy much like how this surreal Cloudy sky as made by @scarletcorner caught my eye! Maybe I just love the pastel hues on her work with this, but her brush technique really looked great with setting off a starry effect without making turn out messy (which was something I tried in an art class before but didn't quite have the same glittery effect as OP's). (^ ▽ ^;) image from @scarletcorneru post     Lastly, what's more effective in making room for happiness than by spreading it with our family and furbabies! I myself felt amazed with @nitsuga12 and his adorable 2 year-old hamster Tito! Like I've had a hand in caring for hamsters before, but OP really makes it look easy with Tito, as the two I had were quite.. bitey? I admit it takes a lot of patience in caring for another living being, but compatibility does play a key factor in every relationship so as not to be stressed out from it in the first place, and as always try to adopt and not shop. ʕ>ᴥ●ʔ image from @nitsuga12 post

Again a huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who have posted such amazing content. I hope to include you all in future Roundup posts!

For now, this ESM (Epic, Smile, Maker) is signing off.

Have a great day!

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