Sex doll (A movie review)

By mgaft1 | Day by day | 20 Jun 2020


Hi there,

I watched the French film “Sex doll” on Netflix. The action takes place in London, but the protag is French or rather French Arabic. Her professional name is Virginia, and her real name is Malik. The film is in English, but often it jumps into French, and then you have to follow the conversation via subtitles.

The plot of the film is quite simple. Virginia is a great professional. She is skillful and handles a wide variety of clients satisfying each of their "quirks." Virginia/Malika is the last child in the family, where in addition to her there are six more children. At one point in the film, a younger sister comes to her, to whom Virginia gives the money she earned. She feels indifferent to clients, but depending on their requirements, sometimes depicts passion.
Virginia meets a young good looking guy.


It immediately becomes clear that there will be an affair between the heroes. But I was interested not so much in what the plot lead to, but rather in what way it would lead to it. And that delivery, I think, is the main attraction of the movie.

The guy behaves amicably with Virginia - drives her places, protects her from a pimp, and so on, but in personal communications conducts himself cool and withdraws from any physical contacts. He doesn't try to hug her or touch her.

Since Virginia knows that she’s very sexy and used to excessive annoying attention from men - his behavior intrigues her.

He keeps his cool even when she invites him to go upstairs to her apartment. The cameraman, director, and actors do a good job. The scene is almost silent but the sexual tension is as dense as it seems could be cut with a knife.
In an American movie, the actors would already kiss in the elevator or set up a scene of unbridled passion, tearing off each other's clothes on ending up on a kitchen table. But the guy just sat next to her on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV.

Then at some point, he asked her a funny question, under the pretext of helping him with the French translation. I don't know French, but if using English he asked her to explain to him the difference between the words “peck” and “kiss.” And rather than listening to her explanation, he asked her to demonstrate the difference.

Thus, he spent a long time teasing her. Interestingly, there were many moments in the film when a guy could take advantage of the circumstances and the girl would easily oblige. But he didn't want to become across as her clients in any way. According to the script Virginia, despises herself for what she does, and any even unintentional mentioning of this caused her nausea. But since the guy, who according to the script, works for a charity, and searches for underage girls who were lured or forced into prostitution, he understands what a girl in Virginia’s position could feel on the inside and that he did not need to drive up to her with an excavator but with an archeologist brush.
In the end, in this roundabout way, the guy made Virginia come to his bed from the next room in the hotel on the pretext that she could not fall asleep.

What I like about French movies is that sex scenes don't look dirty. The actors did not engage in sexual decathlon with excessive groans and ostentatious passion, and the scene looks natural. The film leaves a pleasant impression.
It is interesting, of course, to learn about purely physiological female sensations. That is, whether a woman can experience nothing during sex with one man, and experience arousal and ecstasy with another. It is impossible to feel it like a man. But that’s what the prevailing narrative states.

The problem that this perception is certainly driven by the director and screenwriter agenda. And each artist has his agenda, his problems, his ideology and all this is reflected in his works. I recall watching the American movie “Working girls” and don’t remember the girls there having boyfriends.

Therefore, it is not clear whether what we see in the movie is only the reflection of the director's worldview here, and what is happening in such situations in reality. I find it hard to believe that a woman would be able to provide sexual services to old and nasty men with rather vile quirks all day long and then still have physical and emotional strength for some of her feelings. But again, I am a man and I will not be able to go further than general reasoning about this.)))

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