Vite 4

Vite Academy part 4

Vite Academy part 4

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We earn on dividend from the Vitex exchange

We start with the tab "Mining" 1, "Mining" 2 and "Trading" 3. We have a tab here that shows us the paid commissions on the ViteX Exchange for trading in pairs: -VITE -BTC -ETH -USDT.
In this tab, we have shown how much commission we have paid for the transaction on a given currency pair and the expected calculation in VX tokens, i.e. dividend for activity on the ViteX exchange ( the fee is about 0.5% and is currently almost entirely refundable to the user ).

On the other hand, the VX token is a ViteX exchange token and it is a dividend carrier for its owners and is available only on this exchange.


The next tab is "Staking" for freezing about 3000 Vite, we get about 0.1 VX daily, the minimum amount of Vite required to freeze is 134 Vite, after freezing funds are unavailable for 3 days for withdrawal but generate VX immediately. But to withdraw Vite we need to click "Withdrawal List" then "Retrieve", now we have to wait 7 days to get access to these funds and at this time the coins do not generate VX.

The reward in VX depends on the total number of frozen Vites on the platform.


"Referral" here we can check the revenues from the reference code entered by referrals, a 10% off on exchange fees and an additional 2.5% mining and 1.25% Market-making.


The "Market Making" tab shows calculations in VX for kept positions awaiting purchase and sale, the higher the position on the order list, the more VX we generate. Approximately 2 ETH currently held at the top of the order list generates approximately 1 VX per day.


We go to the Dividends tab. Here we check stock exchange dividends paid for VX ownership. The Stake button is used to freeze the VX token  ( minimum 10 ) in order to obtain a dividend in BTC ETH USDT, the amount of the dividend depends on the turnover of the exchange, and the amount of frozen vx ( currently 600VX currently generates a total of about 1 USD per day ). This tab shows the sums of fees collected for the previous day. To defrost VX we must wait 7 days.

We also have a checkbox to select "Enable automatic staking", checking this box automatically assigns VX generated by Vite and Market making and Trading to the frozen balance.



In the next part I will try to raise the issues of voting for super nodes and creating master nod.

May the Vite be with you! :)

Sign up with a discount code: 3711242230 , the code increases profits by 2.5% from mining and a 10% discount on fees on the stock exchange.
When installing this wallet, remember that it is in a rapid development phase and must be updated frequently!

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