Vite 3

VITE Academy part 3

Vite Academy part 3

If you didn't read the earier parts Academy, you'll find it here:
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We start trading and earning.

In Part 3 of our Vite Academy, I will describe in detail how to buy, sell and earn on Vite.
We can choose the markets: BTC ETH VITE USDT. Icons appear next to individual pairs, which signal the so-called mining


It means a bonus in the form of VX tokens for placing a position pending purchase or sale. Now you probably ask what is this VX token? About this tomorrow ( next part ). 🙂
I will try to discuss trading with dividends. Trading on other pairs is no different than the lack of dividends. Click the currency pair with the pickaxe symbol. The purchase window is shown. At the bottom we have a list of offers, where the levels between which orders are paid with dividend are marked.


Entering the amount we also get a message that prompts to what price the offer will be taken into account when calculating the dividend.


So we entered the price, quantity or amount what we want to buy. Click Buy / Sell (if the button is not highlighted it means that the amount ordered is too small to be added to the stock exchange). The password window appears - enter. Transaction confirmed - then wait for a moment. We can speed up transactions by voting for network nodes, but we'll talk about it tomorrow. If we don't want to vote, we wait and close the window.


We issued a pending offer or bought an existing order. We can check the list of our orders in the "Order" tab, current orders in "Open Orders", and completed or canceled in Order History.



And now a little bit about these dividends. We get them for having pending positions in marked currency pairs, for partial refund of commissions paid on the exchange, for freezing Vite, for freezing VX, voting for super nodes, trading on the exchange and for the activity of the person who used your reference code. This is the dividend panel for using the ViteX exchange.


Sign up with a discount code: 3711242230 , the code increases profits by 2.5% from mining and a 10% discount on fees on the stock exchange.
When installing this wallet, remember that it is in a rapid development phase and must be updated frequently!

I invite you to the next part of the VITE Academy.

Fourth part of the VITE Academy

May the Vite be with you! :)

This article was originally published in Polish on As few of you know Polish, I publish it here in English.


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