Vite 2

VITE Academy part 2

VITE Academy part 2

If you didn't read the first part, you'll find it here

Mobile wallet installation and beginnings.

Today I will explain how to start the adventure with Vite and DEX.
You must download and install the Vite wallet (from Vite Labs) from Google Play or the Appstore.

Then choose Create Account. We supplement in turn:

1. The name of our portfolio (our private nickname).
2. Then the password should be secure but remember that it will be used very often ( with every transaction on the wallet ) so it should be relatively easy to remember and enter.
3. Then confirm the password we mentioned above.
4. We agree the conditions.
5. Press Create.


The next step confirms 2 windows with consents and records keywords (Backup Seed Phrase).

Then we save the 12 words that have been generated, to a safe place, click "Backed up", now we click the buttons with the words one after another, i.e. we saved, check whether we have correctly written the word order and click "DONE" and we can act!


We are shown basic cryptocurrencies but by choosing a plus we can add other ones.



1 - We can enter the cryptocurrency or search from the list and click on slider and it is added to our wallet automatically.


We have 3 options to fund our wallet:

I. Transfer Vite from Binance.
II. Transfer to the "on chain" wallet of cryptocurrency.
III. The way is a cross chain transfer where smartcontract converts funds into equivalents traded on DEX vite. In the case of ETH, the funds are visible after 30 confirmations of the ETH network.


To top up your stock market portfolio click EXCHANGE ASSET and transfer from wallet account to Exchange Account, then enter the amount you want to top up your stock portfolio, click the Transfer button. Now we are asked for enter the password that we set when setting up the portfolio, click Confirm

Then we go to the stock exchange by clicking on the icon "Trade".

This is how we started the adventure with a decentralized exchange based on DAG and Smart Contract.

Sign up with a discount code: 3711242230 , the code increases profits by 2.5% from mining and a 10% discount on fees on the stock exchange.
When installing this wallet, remember that it is in a rapid development phase and must be updated frequently!

I invite you to the next part of the VITE Academy!

May the Vite be with you! :)

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This article was originally published in Polish on As few of you know Polish, I publish it here in English.

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