VITE Academy, part 1

VITE Academy, part 1

Welcome to our Academy, attention, first bell, ring ring. Here we go!

Today I want to interest you in a cryptocurrency that can revolutionize the current perception of value transfers and decentralized applications. Each of you probably met with the cryptocurrency Nano and Ethereum. What connects these projects?
The answear is: VITE. Crypto currency with intelligent contracts based on DAG technology, i.e. transmission time is calculated in fractions of a second, with almost no fees, which is a solution for generating costs on ETH and negligible utility of Nano. But it was no big deal to make crypts with dapps.

Vite labs went a step further. In the wallet we have access to so-called DEX, a decentralized crypto exchange. However, this is still not enough on this market. The user himself can create his currency pair for the right amount of Vite. And that's still nothing. The creator of such a pair derives dividends from trading on this pair! Creating tokens and listing them on the stock exchange mentioned above is equally unique. The whole of this exchange is connected by VX, which is a typical exchange token from the so-called dividend participation. Every owner of a frozen VX gets a dividend from DEX every day. Currently, it is about 10% of the monthly value of VX. You can also freeze Vite, which for a change generates VX every day. DEX alone offers many opportunities to earn. Curious?

Sign up with a discount code: 3711242230 , the code increases profits by 2.5% from mining and a 10% discount on fees on the stock exchange.

When installing this wallet, remember that it is in a rapid development phase and must be updated frequently!

I invite you tomorrow to the next part of the VITE Academy!
This is my first article on Publish0x, please be understanding and comment what do I should improve?


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May the Vite be with you! :)

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This article was originally published in Polish on As few of you know Polish, I publish it here in English.

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