The First Dex For Bitcoin Is Coming: Mintlayer (Layer2)

The First Dex For Bitcoin Is Coming: Mintlayer (Layer2)

The Mintlayer project is a Bitcoin layer2 that allows the creation of tokens with which Bitcoin can be traded (such as stock tokens or stablecoins on their Dex). I point out that there is no need for gas to carry out transactions.
In the March 2021 funding round, $ 5.2 million was raised to develop the project.
The presale of the $ MLT token kicked off on November 22 for an Allocation Mining Event (AME) on
Mintlayer is currently raising another 12.6 million in private sale to finance the "Mintlayer Ecosystem Fund", to provide financial aid for projects based on Mintlayer.

Andreas Kohl (Director of Institutional Relations at Mintlayer): "Together with the Launchpool team we will create an ecosystem of real and valuable use cases for DeFi on Bitcoin and Lightning Network, through the Mintlayer sidechain"

Mintlayer is a blockchain built on the Bitcoin network that in addition to the tokenization of the assets will allow swaps and lightning swaps between Bitcoin and all the assets that will run on this blockchain. The development is coordinated by RBB SRL, a company based in San Marino. The development effort was funded by several VCs, including Alphabit Digital Fund, Moonwhale Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Iconomy, Lotus Capital, and many others.
The protocol leverages technologically advanced scalability to strengthen network security, increase node inclusiveness, and ensure long-term sustainability.

28527043c6fd47671bba97510ff9886a1664f70940900b86c2964d81a577dedc.png is a pre-IDO investment platform that supports projects throughout their launch process, thanks to funds, communities, marketers and industry experts.

What will Mintlayer be for? It is the governance token that will be used on the nodes for staking, as a commission for processing transactions, creation of tokenized resources and smart contracts.
I remember that this blockchain will use the "Mintlayer Consensus": a kind of Proof Of Stake "protected" by Bitcoin's Proof Of Work by means of an anchor and checkpoint mechanism on the Bitcoin network. At launch, there will be a supply of 400 million.


As an incentive and development campaign, Mintlayer is distributing part of the supply to the community. 175 MLT tokens were initially distributed. Now this number is going down. Today it is possible to earn 50 MLT easily. What you need to do is:
1) Here for ref link Mintlayer 
2) Join their Telegram group
3) Follow them on Twitter and enter your email
4) Retweet their Tweet
5) Do the KYC (use the ID Card but maybe the driving license is better)

If you do all these operations you will get 50 MLT but hurry! The supply is running out! The mainnet launch will take place in early 2022!



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