My Sandbox Strategies: NFT, Avatar And Land

After I sold my land for 4 ETH (about 15k) in January 2022, a few weeks ago I managed to buy a new land by participating in the Sandbox raffle. I paid for it with 1011 Sand (about $400) and with the floor on the secondary market which was about 0.23 ETH (about $500). Today the floor price rose to 0.31 ETH. Participating in Sandbox raffle usually pays about $300 if you get drawn. Why? The new lands (the latest was the sale of Warner Music Group) have a "discounted" cost compared to the Opensea floor of about 30/40%. However, in this room the discount was lower because the land floor on Opensea had dropped due to the SEC charges against Sand being considered a security. Probably some US user has dumped his land. However after XRP won the case, the floor returned to around 0.31 ETH. Obviously this is not financial advice, however as mentioned at the beginning of the article in January 2022 the same lands were sold for around 4 ETH. I am continuing to accumulate the Sand token by participating in events. The goal is to return to 1011 Sand to try to participate in a landsale to win another land. I remind you that the lands are limited and there will never be more than 166464.



Surely you know that to get more Sand when you participate in events you need to invest in avatars. Sandbox enters into partnerships with famous firms and companies (the latest McDonald's!) and then creates around 2,500 avatars with some of these. Last famous avatars were those of Paris Hilton, Hokuto No Ken and Lamelo Ball. In reality there have been many DanceFight, Madballs, Zeptolab, etc.


Basically each avatar has an original price of 100 Sand (mint). Who owns the avatar can participate in the event dedicated to the avatar which allows you to recover almost all the Sand spent or to go into profit (basically it depends on how many unique holders there are and how big the pool of the event is. Usually they are pools of 100,000 Sand with 1000/1500 participants in the event. The rewards are distributed equally among all the holders who complete the event). Once the avatar is paid back, it can provide other privileges in the future: Sand giveaway, other pools, physical collection merchandising, etc
Other privileges are obviously provided for land owners. You should consider that there are also pools dedicated to generic (non-specific) avatar holders and others open to everyone. When I run events, I accumulate Sand and stake them on their platform. Stakers who own at least one land get a yield boost (around 10% APY).


When I reach 1011 Sand (currently around $450), I try to participate in the landsales to receive the whitelist and buy the land. It is not easy to be extracted because as you can imagine there are many people who participate. If you are drawn, you can purchase your land within 72 hours. If you are not extracted, the cost of the ticket (1011 Sand) will be refunded! Surely in the bull market having more land can be an advantage both in terms of profits and strategies because I will be able to sell my land slowly over time. The idea then is to buy them back in the "dip" (bear market).
You should stay tuned because Sandbox season 4 is not far away. Season 3 (ended November 2022) delivered tons of Sand to its gamers!


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