My Sandbox Experience: Land, Asset, Alpha Pass (NFT Metaverse)

My Sandbox Experience: Land, Asset, Alpha Pass (NFT Metaverse)

Finally the best metaverse on the planet is about to finally go into its "Alpha" version: I'm talking about Sandbox. However, the first real "play to earn" season will start in 2022. The first event that anticipates the real season will be the alpha pass.
Sandbox Alpha is a play to earn event starting on November 29th at 13:00 UTC, where players will have the opportunity to explore the Sandbox Metaverse for the first time through 18 team-created experiences.
You can do this with the alpha pass (reserved for Land owners only) and you can earn up to $ 1,000 SAND and three exclusive NFT rewards.
Players without an Alpha Pass will still be able to access three full experiences and the Alpha HUB, a central multiplayer experience that showcases a variety of locations and missions. They will also be able to interact with other community members, however, they will not be able to earn play to earn rewards.


Alpha Pass holders will be able to earn:
1) 1,000 Sand for completing all Alpha objectives.
2) 3 exclusive NFT The Sandbox Alpha

There are three different ways to get an Alpha Pass NFT:
1) The Alpha Raffle (Land owners only), just register for the Alpha Raffle from November 22 at 13:00 UTC to November 28 at 13:00 UTC on The Sandbox website. Website: Sandbox
Each Land you own will give you one more chance to win. If you have 7 Land you will have 8 chances to win: 8 tickets (7 for the Land + 1 registration).
Winners will receive their Alpha Pass on November 29, the day the Sandbox Alpha season begins.
2) Daily Social Contests: Once the Alpha is open, anyone with a Sandbox account will be able to participate in the Daily Social Contests to win an Alpha Pass. More than 750 Alpha Passes will be released every week for three weeks. Their Twitter page here:
3) Finally you can buy an Alpha Pass on OpenSea: some Alpha Pass holders may decide to sell the NFT on OpenSea. You can check if this is the case by going to OpenSea between November 29th and December 19th. The Sandbox team will not sell any Alpha Passes on OpenSea. You can only buy one if an Alpha Pass owner is willing to sell it.

Once the registration window closes on November 28th at 13:00 UTC, the text under your avatar will change to "Sweepstakes Drawing". After the random lottery draw, the selected winners will be greeted with a congratulatory pop-up for being one of the lucky thousand! He will then buy a "Request Pass" button and Ethereum (gas) fees will be paid.


I bought my Land on Sandbox about 1 year ago and as you can see on Etherscan I spent about $ 77 (you have to add $ 20 of Ethereum gas).


I also received several assets (photo below), in particular:
1) Binance Cyborg
2) Agent X
3) Bentley Bear
4) Atari VCS
5) Motor Psycho

All of these assets are worth over $ 1000.


Smiling Smurg was a gift from Sandbox after a few weeks, I only made the claim.


I participated in a survey aimed at "Land owners" in which 50 Sand was awarded. At the time, 50 Sand was about $ 15. Do you know what 1 Sand is worth today?


I said at the beginning that I paid about $ 77 but how much is my premium Land (near Binance) worth? I am receiving these offers:


It's a lot? Is it cheap? I do not know. I definitely paid about $ 80 a year ago. The cost was 2000 Sand, about $ 13000 (if I had made Sand holding!). You can rate your Land by going to this site: MetaGameHub (Land Valutation)
Clearly it is neither precise nor official but it gives an idea. It reported almost 4 Ethereum as an estimated value for my Land. I'm not going to sell it anyway!

If you don't have a Land...what can you do in Sandbox?
1) "Play to earn" when the season starts in 2022
2) You can buy some assets (NFT) and speculate on them because the prices could further increase (#DYOR). Here market: Sandbox (Marketplace)

3) Is it worth buying a Land today? I think it is very difficult to say because we need to see how much EFFECTIVELY it will be possible to earn on Sandbox. Today the prices of the Land are very high and it is not possible to say if it is worth it or if it is FOMO. I definitely think Sandbox is the best metaverse because it has huge partners: Binance, Atari,, The Walking Dead, Smiling Smurfs, Snoop Dogg, etc
However, it will be a success if players and land owners can earn. Decentraland's model is working well however I think Sandbox is even superior. Decentraland has shown that if you have can do everything (organize concerts, video conferences, play games, run a casino, hire people to work, etc).
Only by living will we know!



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