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My First Year With Cake DeFi + New Bonus (Olympic Bake Off 2021)

In this article I want to make a brief summary of my first year on Cake DeFi, also because with the start of the Olympic Games the referrals campaign has been updated and there are interesting news.
I signed up on this platform about a year ago by depositing Dash (because this privacy coin is very cheap to move). Subsequently, thanks to a good number of registrations via ref link, I have accumulated several DFI bonuses (blocked for 6 months at 104% APY).
The important thing was to know if it was possible to withdraw this bonus. I took about $ 120 of DFI (59 DFI) and exchanged it on Kucoin (in USDT).



This is my deposit on Kucoin:



1) Receive a $ 50 sign-up bonus in DFI (by making a deposit of at least $ 50, the deposit can then be removed without problems)
2) Invite your friends and family ($ 30 for each invitation made)
3) Stake your DFI bonus at 104% (it will be withdrawable after 6 months)
4) Lending (on BTC, USDC, USDT, ETH)
5) Liquidity mining (yield farming) for example there is an interesting 72% on BTC / DFI



During the promotional period (from July 22, 2021, 12:00 CET to August 08, 2021, at 12:00 CET), you’ll have the opportunity to earn increased sign-up bonus:

1) For every successful referred user (identity verified and with a minimum deposit of $ 50), you will receive $ 25 in DFI as the referrer.
2) The people you refer to Cake DeFi will also receive $ 50 in DFI

In addition to the increased sign-up bonuses, you can earn up to $ 750 USD in DFI extra as added bonuses which will be added straight into your account as you win Olympic Bake-Off medals. If you win the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, you can go on to get the World Record Baker medal. The more medals you win, the more you’ll receive! If you manage to bring home the gold by adding 5 new bakers, that’s an extra $ 100 USD in DFI for you. If you go on to become a World Record Baker by bringing on 50 qualified bakers to Cake DeFi by 08 August 2021 at 12:00 CET, you’ll earn a total of $ 2000 USD in DFI!


1) Sign up with the ref link CakeDefi (Signing Up)
2) Do the KYC
3) Make a deposit of at least $ 50 (in BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, DFI, Dogecoin, ETH, USDT or USDC) and take $ 50 in DFI. Invite your friends and family and get $ 30 for each invite + the bonus on the screen above
4) The bonus will be staking for 6 months at 104% (this is to prevent people signing up for the bonus only and continuously selling the token)
5) After 6 months, any bonus received will be withdrawable and tradable on Kucoin
6) You also take interest if your refs rent their deposits


I think it is an interesting platform. I did not initially deposit large sums because I wanted to try the platform first. However, after 1 year from the registration it seems that this platform works well and also guarantees good earnings.


Are you already registered? Does this seem like a good platform?



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