Mainnet Incentivized on Mode Network: How to Participate

Mode Network is a modular Layer2 of Ethereum based on the Optimism Op Stack. The idea is to scale Ethereum. There are now many Layer2 that are using the Optimism Op Stack, in addition to Mode, there are Base (Coinbase Layer2), Mantle Network (powered by Bybit), Zora Network, opBNB (scalability solution for the BNB Chain), etc
Mode Network has decided to incentivize the ecosystem by announcing airdrop for its users in April 2024. 550M of $Mode has been allocated for the "Sunrise" campaign. Users will share 5.5% of supply. How to receive $Mode token? Let's find out!



The airdrop is guaranteed in April 2024. The only problem is that to bridge to Mode Network, you have to start from the Ethereum mainnet. You will spend a few dollars in fees, if the network is not congested. I recommend bridging at least $50. You will receive points based on your on-chain activity and bridged funds. Every Wednesday, you will receive additional points if you use the chain. You can swap even a few dollars on the various dapps. Some dapps (shown on their home page) are incentivized so they receive double the points (2X). Each of these dapps, in turn, could airdrop its token.


You should pay attention to gas fees. The default fees are around $0.80, however you can lower them. If you have activated the advanced gas controls on Metamask, before confirming the transaction you can change the gas by pressing market/advanced and then:

-Max Base Fee: 0.15 Gwei
-Priority Fee: 0.15 Gwei


If you do this on some chains, the transaction may fail. However, on Mode Network the gas fees are set at $0.80 but if you reduce the gas you won't have any problems. I've been using Mode Network for about 2 weeks and I'm in the top 11,000 users on the leaderboard. I have done little activity but they have received incentives from the Optimism foundation so it could be a decent airdrop.



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