IOTA Is Used At Frankfurt Airport For Covid19 Testing!

Ubirch GmbH has confirmed to use IOTA (Proof Of Concept) to validate the results of the COVID-19 tests performed by Centogene Corona Test Center at Frankfurt Airport (Germany). A query returned 376,000 transactions with the Ubirch tag used to validate the tests. The COVID-19 testing center at the airport stores the test results on the IOTA log.


At the heart of IOTA is the Internet of Things. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, IOTA offers advantages: it is scalable, it is modular and it has no transaction costs (each node is the same as the other, and since there is no mining there is no need for expensive hardware devices).
For IOTA we are not talking about blockchain but about Tangle (Directed Acyclic Graph) or a ledger that makes the operation of IOTA completely different from other cryptocurrencies. It is a technology that can operate using a register without the work of miners.
In the Tangle, a transaction must necessarily validate two previous ones so it is infinitely scalable (the more transactions increase, the more validations increase).

Promoting free transactions is an advantage. For speed, the question is similar (I have already said that it is infinitely scalable).
Furthermore, the quantity of money that is introduced on the market is always fixed. Before that, IOTA was mainly used for the Internet of Things, which is not the case with other cryptocurrencies.

What are the benefits?
1) There are no miners
2) There are no transaction costs
3) High speeds

Cryptocurrencies are generally decentralized but for example in the POW there are miners ... well that is a form of centralization (although different from how we normally understand it).
IOTA has no miners but the coordinating node is managed by a foundation. Perhaps the main problem with this network, however, remains security because it needs a certain majority of honest people to work.
Many projects using IOTA technology are being developed in the automotive industry by companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover,, STMicroelectronics and Bosch. IOTA also participates in tests related to Smart City, digital identity, waste management and energy trading. In the Linux Foundation's Alvarium project, IOTA is used as an immutable storage and validation mechanism. Privacy-focused search engine Xain also uses IOTA as a trusted anchor for its aggregate AI model.

Today, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, we learn that even at the Frankfurt airport it is used to store immutable data on Tangle.

Learn more about IOTA: (White Paper)



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