Incensurable Website? The Unstoppable Domains Are Coming (ETH & ZIL Blockchain)

Unstoppable Domains are blockchain-based decentralized domains. Usually the canonical domains have the extension ".com", in this case we will have:

1) .crypto (for those based on the ๐”ผ๐•ฅ๐•™๐•–๐•ฃ๐•–๐•ฆ๐•ž blockchain)
2) .zil (for those on the โ„ค๐•š๐•๐•๐•š๐•ข๐•’ blockchain)

These domains allow you to have a decentralized platform for your content (not censurable) and also to provide your domain name as a payment address.
They are very easy to use and can be managed from the platform but now the mechanism will be even easier because it will be possible to interface with them through Coinbase.
Through his wallet, in fact, it will be possible to buy and manage them in comfort.
These domains can be bought by anyone either through traditional payments or through crypto. There are also domains reserved for famous people.
They can also be used as key rings for all the addresses of the different cryptocurrencies: by doing this we can link all the addresses to one (it is also possible not to detect all those that belong to us). The Gemini exchange has also begun to support these domains.



As already mentioned, an interesting peculiarity is that of being able to associate a PayID account with your domain and expand the offer of payment methods that can be accepted.
Another interesting function is to add the blog section to the domain and therefore have a truly decentralized and non-censurable site.
Tim Draper, who invested in the project, complimented the new Coinbase initiative.

For sign up: Unstoppable Domains


1) If we use the .zil domain, we will need a Zilliqa wallet and the related .JSON file (here you can do it: Zillet)
2) We need at least $ 10 to buy the domain
3) We will also need the browser extension: Unstoppable Domains (Extensions)


As a first step you will need to go to the Zillet site and register and then click on the side menu on the left the item "Get A New Domain" and enter the domain we prefer (some will be premium and others are protected).
The cost of a domain varies based on demand. Finally, to complete the purchase we will have to go to the "My Domain" section and add the address by uploading the .JSON file previously created in your wallet.
Once this procedure is completed, we will be able to choose the type of extension to which our domain is connected and then click on "Manage" to manage the details of the same and also be able to add several addresses (over 50 crypto) connected to the domain, thus being able to receive funds from over 14 wallets (Trust wallets for example).
It is also possible to create an email address or, later, sell the domain.
To transfer the domain, you simply need to enter the recipient's address; while to add content to the site you can find pre-set templates.
After uploading the contents you will have to save the changes and so you can see the final result by simply typing the domain with the .zil or .crypto extension in the address bar. You will need to install an extension for this to happen.

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