How To Get Moca ID: Mocaverse (Animoca Brands)

Mocaverse can be considered the central hub of the Animoca Brands universe. If you have never read the name of Animoca Brands you are not a crypto web3 user. Behind this company there are venture capitals and a company that develops and distributes web3 games based on NFT. What are some of the titles developed? Sandbox, Alien Worlds, REVV, Decentraland, Splinterlands, Atari, CryptoKitties, Nine Chronicles, Pixels, etc Mocaverse aims to bring together all web3 communities under the Animoca brand. To enter this hub (which allows you to earn XP and have other privileges, for example airdrop of their token?) you have two possibilities:

1) Mocaverse NFT
2) Moca ID



This is a collection of 8888 NFT where there are 5 tribes: dreamers, angels, builders, connectors and neocapitalists. Each NFT will offer a specific utility within the Animoca Brands universe: AMA, online courses, trying out preview games, various resources, beta tests, discounts, offers, merchandising, etc. These NFT are limited and not everyone can have them because they are already distributed, however you can easily obtain a Mocaverse ID.



As mentioned, there are only 8888 NFT but Animoca wants to provide all users with the opportunity to be part of its community. For this reason they thought of the Moca ID (completely free). Moca ID will associate a name with your profile/address. An easy-to-remember name, such as Andrew.moca or ElonMusk.moca. Basically the Moca ID is a decentralized identity (DID) that gives you access to over 400 Animoca projects. It acts as a virtual identity. Moca ID also allows you to earn "realm" points (RP) by interacting in this ecosystem. RP updates with your on-chain activities and increases as the missions completed increase.



1) Go to this site and claim the Moka ID by connecting your Metamask: Mocaverse (Moca ID)
2) Enter one of these 2 codes (I will insert others): 1UK4D2VKQC or BYMR11HQCD (due to FOMO and high traffic, the site is full of requests so try again several times to mint the Moca ID. If after minting it you are logged out, you are registered and with "code already used". Simply log in with "Visit Moca" and linking your Twitter profile for Realm Points)
3) Then at Mocaverse (User Board) connect your Twitter and make a Tweet with the default message (add the link). This allows you to earn RP
4) Complete missions that will be added in the future to earn RP


As you can see in some screenshots taken from their Discord server, the $Moka token has been confirmed. Those who own the Moca NFT will certainly receive an airdrop, however those who own the Moca ID and participate in the community by earning RP may also be eligible. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this possible completely free airdrop!



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