Have You Made Earnings With "Y Family" Tokens? YFI, YFII, YFL, YFV, YFFI, YFT

Before this generalized collapse of the entire crypto market (with a few exceptions such as Tron and Polkadot but then they were not spared either) there was the boom of the "Y familly" tokens.

I was on Publish0x one of the first to focus attention on YFI (29 Jul 2020): Yearn.Finance Token Raises 11,000% In A Few Days!

We all know Yearn Finance (YFI) a little bit: up to almost $ 39,000 and listing on Binance. Supply? 30,000.
It is a loan platform that has risen from less than 1 cent to $ 39,000 in about 2 months. YFI is an excellent Yield Farming (Lending) platform that allows interesting returns (for example 40% on Ethereum), however there is a very speculative lending mechanism (independently choosing platforms with higher APYs and allowing you to dispose of the money received on other platforms lending to receive higher interest but also by maximizing liquidation risks).
Then came the explosion of the YFII fork (also listed on Binance with a rise of up to $ 9,000). Obviously, following the trend, many others were born:

-YFValue (YFV)
-YF Link (YFL) on which Chainlink had expressed a positive opinion on the project idea
-YFFI Finance (YFFI)
-Yearn Farming Token (YFT) Supply? 20,000!


YFV represents the true value of "Yield Farming Finance" accessible to all users.
All tokens that have made huge increases (excluding perhaps YFV itself). Is it over here? Obviously not. Then came: YFBeta, YFI Business Finance, YFIII, YFIV, YFVM, YFFV, YFC (Yearn Finance Cash), YFF, YFFS, YFFX, YFFR, etc
Clearly, these are all red dot tokens (99.9% scam).

I personally made an entry only on YFFI Finance. I bought this token when it was worth $ 65 and resold it for $ 300.
The 5x profit I made in one day.
As Dex I used 1inch (losing $ 20 of gas to YF Link because the transaction failed after 8 hours!) and then I moved to Uniswap. I tried twice more to get YF Link (worth about $ 300) but the transactions always failed.
Then I changed my lens and got YFFI. Transaction immediately ok and profit realized the next day (swap failed once and then another 18 dollars of gas).
During the day the cost of gas ranged from $ 40 to $ 50. From 1 AM in the UK the cost dropped to about $ 15/20 on average.


Have you entered any of these trades with the "Y Family" on Uniswap?

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