Get 100% Cashback On eBay With The SocialGood Token

Get 100% Cashback On eBay With The SocialGood Token

With a network of over 1,800 resellers, the SocialGood app tries to offer a cashback-based business model.
In an effort to eliminate economic inequality, the Social Good Foundation is proud to announce a framework that helps anyone accumulate digital assets.
Leveraging the company's partnerships with over 1,800 resellers, users can earn the SG Token by shopping online.
Supported outlets include eBay, Nike, AliExpress, AbeBooks, Adidas, Lazada and many more.



How do you use the app?
1) First of all you need to download the app: SocialGood (Download)
2) Then just register an email, you don't need the KYC.
3) You can start shopping in your favorite stores: you will read a "% cashback" that will be given to you after about a week in SG tokens.
4) You will also receive $ 25 of the SG token upon registration which will be unlocked only when you make your first purchase of at least 25 usd (within 30 days of registration).
5) You can invite all your friends and for each friend you get 25 usd in SG (you can trade it on Bittrex).


I made a purchase but haven't received a refund yet (pending). I have read comments around and I have not read anywhere that is scam.
Some users complain about delays in making refunds but the company says that, to avoid fraud, it can take up to 10 days.


I think there is nothing to lose. If I have to buy something I do it with the app, then if I will be refunded all the better. I emphasize that until May 30, the app will give an incredible 100% cashback on purchases made on eBay (up to 500$)!
I recommend downloading it and doing your own research later on whether to use it or not! 



Have you already used it? Have you been refunded in SG tokens? Will you use it?




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