Crypto Projects With Higher Funding (Tokenless)

In this article we will see the crypto projects (for the moment tokenless) that have received the highest funding from VC and exchanges. This means that they will most likely launch their token and then possibly airdrop. Some of these are already on the mainnet, others on the testnet, others still are in the embryonic stage (with only the social page). A project not mentioned but which could become very big is Eigenlayer's competitor: Symbiotic (they have received funding of 5 million for the moment).


✅Linea ($725M)
Linea is a layer2 on Ethereum of type ZK Rollup (zkEVM). It aims to provide developers with tools to create scalable and efficient dApps, improving the overall user experience in the crypto space. Behind Linea is the Consensys company which also manages the Infura and Metamask nodes.

✅AleoHQ ($298M)
Aleo is a privacy-focused blockchain that allows developers to create ZK decentralized applications. This ensures secure and private transactions, ensuring the confidentiality of user data while maintaining transparency and trust in the network.

✅Monad ($244M)
Monad is a layer1 designed to improve the performance and scalability of decentralized applications via parallelization. It focuses on providing a robust and efficient platform for developers to create and deploy dApps.

✅Farcaster ($180M)
Farcaster is a decentralized social network that allows users to own and control their social identities. It aims to provide a platform where users can communicate and share content without relying on centralized entities, ensuring greater privacy and freedom. 


✅MagicEden ($160M)
MagicEden is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. It provides a platform for artists, creators and collectors to buy, sell and trade NFTs, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for digital art and collectibles. They use a diamond system to incentivize use.

✅Berachain ($142M)
Berachain is a cutting-edge decentralized finance platform that integrates advanced blockchain technology to offer a wide range of financial services, including lending and yield farming. It aims to create a highly scalable and efficient ecosystem where users can maximize returns on their assets.

✅Babylon Chain ($96M)
Babylon which focuses on yield farming and liquidity mining. It aims to offer users higher returns on their crypto assets by optimizing return strategies across various DeFi protocols.

✅Fuel ($81M)
Fuel is a high-performance blockchain designed to provide scalable, low-cost transactions as well as facilitate the construction of rollups. By focusing on optimizing productivity and reducing fees, it is suitable for applications requiring fast and economical transactions.

✅Scroll ($80M)
Scroll is a zkEVM Layer2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain that aims to improve transaction speed and reduce costs. Leverages rollup technology to group multiple transactions into a single batch, improving the scalability of the Ethereum network.


✅EclipseFi ($65M)
Eclipse is a project focused on interoperability between different blockchain networks. It aims to provide seamless cross chain communications and data exchanges enabling greater connectivity and collaboration in the crypto space.

✅Expresso Systems ($60M)
Espresso aims to connect layer2 cross chains and facilitate their communication.

✅Zora ($60M)
Zora is a mint-based NFT chain that allows creators to mint, sell and trade their digital assets. It also allows you to monetize your creations effectively. The first dexes are also being born, for example Uniswap.

✅Karak Network ($48M)
Karak offers a multichain restake protocol similar to Eingenlayer and Symbiotic.

✅Movement ($41M)
Movement Labs is building a network of modular blockchains (unlike monolithic chains, the concept of modularity can be seen as a puzzle: where each piece is specialized to do something). The idea behind it is to improve security, performance and user experience. Their flagship product, M2, is a Layer2 rollup for Ethereum that leverages the Move Virtual Machine to improve efficiency and productivity, reaching speeds of over 145,000 TPS.


✅Nillion Network ($40M)
Nillion is a privacy-preserving decentralized network designed for secure data storage and processing. It allows users to share and process data without revealing the actual data, leveraging cryptographic techniques to maintain privacy and security across the network.

✅Spectral ($30M)
Spectral which was created with the aim of improving transparency and efficiency in the lending and borrowing process.

✅Parallel Finance ($29M)
Parallel is a platform that enables the creation of interoperable decentralized applications, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer.

✅Puffer Finance ($24M)
Puffer is a DeFi protocol that provides financial services such as lending, retaking, and yield farming, focusing on high returns.

✅Particle Network ($24M)
Particle is a blockchain project focused on providing a decentralized infrastructure for data sharing and processing. It aims to enable secure and efficient data transactions, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure privacy and integrity.

✅LiFi Protocol ($23M)
LIFI is a multi-chain liquidity aggregation protocol that supports swaps by aggregating bridges and DEXs across more than 20 networks.

✅Layer3 ($21M)
Layer3 is a platform designed on the discovery of platforms and chains by carrying out social and on-chain quests. Through interactive Quests, users can collect NFTs, badges, Cubes and XP.

✅MegaEth ($20M)
MegaETH aims to reach 100,000 TPS and has received investment from large VCs and approval from Vitalik Buterin.
MegaETH calls itself the first “real-time blockchain” with full compatibility with Ethereum. Real-time here means that MegaETH is able to process transactions “as they arrive and publish the resulting updates in real time.” The testnet will go live in the fall.


✅Hyperlane ($18M)
Hyperlane is a bridge that enables permissionless connectivity between blockchains. It also allows developers to easily launch modular blockchains with built-in interoperability, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer between ecosystem systems.

✅Reya ($16M)
Reya is a blockchain network focused on providing decentralized and scalable solutions. It aims to empower developers and users by providing a robust infrastructure for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps), improving the accessibility and usability of blockchain technology.

✅Lens Protocol ($15M)
Lens Protocol is a social infrastructure which, through profiles (NFT), allows you to have a single digital identity thanks to which you can post on multiple platforms at the same time (blogs, videostreaming, etc), simply by logging in with your address/profile.

✅Botanix Labs ($11M)
Botanix Labs focuses on creating sustainable blockchain solutions that promote environmental stewardship. By leveraging blockchain technology, Botanix aims to support green initiatives and ensure transparency and trust in environmental projects.

✅Nubit ($11M)
It allows you to scale Bitcoin's data capacity theoretically without compromise, powering applications such as Ordinals, Layer2, price oracles and indexers, thus expanding the reach and efficiency of the Bitcoin ecosystem.


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