Configuring IBC Transfers On Keplr (Guide)

Through IBC it is possible to perform cross chain transfers between all Cosmos layer1. If you think about it, it is a bit as if from Metamask, from the Ethereum network, it could be transferred to the Avalanche or Bnb Chain network.
Basically, if you have funds on Osmosis dapp, "withdrawl" and the AMM via IBC will send the token you are withdrawing to the correct chain:

The pass is "token x" on Osmosis -> "token x" on Stargaze (example)

If you have Stars (Stargaze) on Osmosis, by withdrawing, it will be sent to Keplr's Stargaze address.
Let's say you want to transfer Juno to Stargaze directly from Keplr.
First go to Mintscan (Relayers) and on the top right you will notice the word "Cosmos", you have to search for the sending chain (Juno Network in this case). 

We are assuming to send Juno (who are on Juno Network) to Stargaze so I have selected Juno (sending chain). Next I will notice all the layer1 of Cosmos, we will have to select Stargaze (receiving chain). At this point you will see a double link (in green, it is the active one) and the name of 2 channels:

475d56e521a3945ad93f1abe1d460e66817839a29bd5c176daa4dafecddeff4b.pngTo configure my Juno address for chain Stargaze, I will need "channel 20". If I were to configure IBC Trasfers from Stargaze for Juno Network I will choose "channel 5". Basically these chains communicate through these 2 channels. So I note one of the two channels. We are on Juno so from Keplr, I select this chain and going down below I read "IBC Transfers", I click on Transfers and in the new page that opens to me, I click on "New IBC Channel Destination", selecting the name of the destination chain (Stargaze ) and the channel (20 in this case).
If I had to do the reverse steps, from Stargaze, the procedure doesn't change but I would have had to enter "channel 5" by selecting Juno Network (destination chain).
In other words, from Juno Network, channel 20 is used to send on Stargaze (destination chain). Instead, from Stargaze, channel 5 is used to send on Juno.


Configured the preferred chains, I just have to go to the chain where I have the tokens (we assumed Juno Network), press on "IBC Transfers", then "Transfer" and in the destination chain select the destination chain (ie Stargaze). At that point, all I have to do is paste my Stars address and send the tokens. If you think you have the wrong configuration, I recommend that you do a small send of a maximum of 1 dollar first!


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