BitMEX Launches Its Token: Get 5 BMEX For Free!

BitMEX is one of the historical exchanges of the crypto landscape. Later, precisely due to not being able to offer new products (see Binance, FTX or, the trade volumes were seen to decrease.
What could be a way to relaunch? What could be the way to get on a par with other exchanges? Launch his token!
Do you know what the good news is? Their token will be "given" (airdrop) to old and new subscribers.
The BitMEX (BMEX) token will be launched in early 2022.
The team thought about its loyal members first, without launching an IEO (or ICO). This contrasts with other token launches which typically reserve the first rounds for private investors, not ordinary users.



Millions of BMEX tokens will be given away to new and existing users. How can you get the tokens?
1) If you sign up with a ref link (BitMEX Sign Up), you get 5 BMEX (and 10 USDT for the first 50,000 new subscribers!). Obviously you have to do the KYC
2) Trade with BitMEX: From now until the end of March, BMEX will be sent to you based on your trading volume. Earn up to 25% of your monthly trading fees at BMEX. The more you trade, the more BMEX you will be entitled to - airdrops are limited to 50,000 BMEX per user, per month.
3) Invite your friends. 3 invitations guarantee you 15 BMEX

BMEX tokens will be active on February 1, 2022 and BMEX will not be redeemable until the start of the second phase. More contests, giveaways and airdrops will occur during the first phase, giving users a lot of chances to accumulate as many BMEX tokens as possible.
The second phase, coinciding with the launch of BitMEX Spot at the beginning of the second quarter, will see BMEX become tradable on the exchange. Users will be able to buy, sell, withdraw and deposit the token. The token will have many utilities such as trading fee discounts, higher earnings (staking) returns, BitMEX Academy benefits, and swag privileges.


The future will be full of light for BMEX owners, with BitMEX offering beyond derivatives, including Spot, Brokerage, Custody, Information Products and Academy.
You can learn more here: BMEX Token (Info)


Attention, these are the increases made by the exchange tokens:


I think it's a good opportunity to get some free tokens because you just need to register, without any deposit. And if you want more BMEX, just invite your friends or do some trade. I also remember that Bitcoin withdrawals from BitMEX are perhaps the most competitive in the entire crypto market.


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