Best Restaking Platforms: Eigenlayer

Eingenlayer could be a strong trend in 2024, not only for what it offers but also from an airdrop perspective. Basically, the security of Ethereum (staking) is used to validate AVS: ETH validators secure your protocol (without the need to create other nodes and have its own validators). What protocols are we talking about? Layer1, layer2, rollup, etc (both EVM and non-EVM world). For example Altlayer, Ankr, Everstake, Hyperlane, Ethos, Blockdaemon, etc all use Eigenlayer's infrastructure. Through this mechanism the protocol that uses Eigenlayer does not need to:

1) Have your own token for staking
2) Have its own node
3) Have its validators

On both Ethereum and AVS there is slashing, if a validator behaves fraudulently. This system (for protocols) involves having 32 ETH on the node.

82e2b4c0601a3a4dcaad6ac1a1e7bf013bf9a28c6dce64e86e61f28cd34381d9.jpgHowever, a restake service has been created that takes advantage of the "liquid staking" of various protocols (you can deposit whatever you want!). Basically you sell ETH for its liquid derivative (which tracks its price) so you get an income. In turn, you can stake this liquid derivative in the Eigenlayer pools or on other protocols. Some liquid staking protocols are performing a "vampire attack" against Eigenlayer where essentially depositing earnings from them, in addition to the income, also Eigenlayer points. Furthermore, each protocol has introduced its own points system (miles, carrots, pearls, etc) which will probably be converted into their token when it is launched in the future. Exactly, the magic word is airdrop.

What are the advantages of restaking?
1) Double income: liquid staking on one protocol, restaking on a second protocol
2) Farming Eingelayer points+liquid staking protocol you are using
3) Possible double airdrop: Eigenlayer+liquid staking protocol you are using
4) Random airdrop of other protocols that will use Eigenlayer infrastructure to build layer1, layer2, rollups, node servers, etc (Altlayer has already rewarded the stakers of Eigenlayer, Renzo Protocol and Kelp DAO with a rich airdrop!).

In addition to the 2 airdrops (Eigenlayer + liquid staking mentioned in the paragraphs below) you could receive random airdrops of other projects (the one Altlayer did):


Which restaking protocols should be used? We will look at some of these interesting ones for double airdrop.


Swell Network you can always use it as liquid staking and it will allow you to accumulate pearls that will guarantee their airdrop. However, if you want to take advantage of restaking you will have to deposit your swETH in the Eigenlayer pools which I remind you can only be used in certain periods of the year (they are now open from February 5th to February 9th, then they will reopen in the next few months).
1) Swell Network ETH --> swETH (restaking on Eigenlayer. Income + Eingenlayer Points + Perls)



You can buy most of the liquid ETH derivatives directly on the sites mentioned below. However, where swap is not present (Puffer Finance, Kelp DAO), you could also buy it on Uniswap. All these liquid staking protocols are tokenless (Swell Network, Renzo Protocol, EtherFi, Puffer Finance, Kelp DAO):

1) Renzo Protocol ETH --> ezETH (income + Eigenlayer Points + ezPoints)


2) EtherFi  ETH --> eETH (income + Eigenlayer Points + EtherFi loyalty points). You could also use Symbiotic pools (Eingelayer competitor) obtaining weETHs.


3) Puffer Finance (backed by Binance) ETH --> stETH (Lido) or wstETH (Wrapped Liquid Staked ETH) --> pufETH (annuity + Eigenlayer Points + Carrots)

4) Kelp DAO ETH --> ETHx (Stader) or stETH (Lido) or sfrxETH (Staked Frx Ether) (income + Eigenlayer Points + Miles)



Others of liquid staking that will do airdrop: Mitosis (it is also possible to use it on Arbitrum, Blast, Mode or Linea) and Elixir (thanks to which it is possible to farm double airdrop: Elixir + Monad which is a project that has received 225M of funding and is backed by Paradigm, synonymous with huge airdrops). On Zircuit you can deposit ETH liquid staking tokens (Swell, EtherFi, Renzo, etc) to obtain Eigenlayer points, LRT points (Swell, EtherFi, etc) and Zircuit points. An optimization of your airdrop where with one interaction you can be eligible for multiple airdrops.



Karak works like most of these platforms. You can deposit not only liquid ETH derivatives but also stablecoins. Also in this case you get different points based on the asset you deposit + those of Karak. You can also use it on Arbitrum, BSC and Mantle. Invitation codes: CykKc kugE8 QCqxx 8nU2d a7Ndi


In the article below with the recap of all the airdrops/bonus you will find a quick guide for both platforms. Remember that using these protocols you may receive A LOT of AIRDROP. These are "lifechangers". However, keep in mind that restaking involves risks because you use at least 2 protocols (native + Eigenayer or Symbiotic). Also shares on the Ethereum mainnet, paying a few dollars in fees. I always advise you to do your research, DYOR.



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