Astroport Arrives On The Terra Blockchain!

Astroport Arrives On The Terra Blockchain!

One of the biggest news is coming to the Terra blockchain: Astroport.
Many blockhains have different swaps (AMM), you think about:
1) Ethereum (Uniswap, 1inch, Paraswap, Matchaxyz, etc)
2) BSC (Pancakeswap, 1inch, Mdex, etc)
3) Polygon (Quickswap, Paraswap, Matchaxyz)
4) Solana (Raydium, Serum / Fida, Atrix, Symmetry Finance, etc)

I could go on for a long time. Instead on the Terra blockchain there is only TerraSwap which is not a first class dex. You can swap and provide cash but you can't put this LP anywhere. Another lack of land are the Lending protocols. Ok Anchor is present but it is a bit limited (few collateral and borrow only for UST). On Terra we also have a Yield Farming platform (Nexus Protocol), Apollo DAO (compounder for Mirror) and one where new tokens are launched (Pylon Money).
As Money Market, Mars Protocol will arrive, instead as dex the big news will be Astroport which will also give big incentives.
Basically Astroport will carry out a "vampyre attack" on TerraSwap will "steal" the liquidity.


But what will Astroport bring? Meanwhile, it is a dex. The farming possibilities will be:
1) Pool 50 and 50% (these are the classic pools with impermanent loss)
2) Pool with stablecoin and mirror assets (for example Luna / bLuna)
3) Liquidity Boostrapping (LBP): UST influences the price of Astro! This operation eliminates whale and bot
4) Double incentive for LP


Another big news will be the Astro token airdrop. It is a governance token for the DAO. Astro will be one of the incentives for farming the various pools but will be provided as an airdrop for "historical" Terra users. The criteria are not known yet but they will probably be suitable:
1) LP on TerraSwap
2) Luna stakers 

Aside from the airdrop, there is great anticipation behind Astroport. The first phase saw the lockdrop (transfer of liquidity from TerraSwap to Astroport), now the Liquidity Boostrapping Pool is in progress (for Astro's price discovery). In the next 24 hours, $ Astro will be listed.



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