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Digital art_2021. Falling Leaves

Hi friends!

On the fourth day of my autumn art challenge, I decided to draw ... a cat.
Spoil the cat, you ask, if the theme is "Falling Leaves"?

The scene when leaves fall from the trees is very beautiful, it can be observed, forgetting about time, but ... preferably in a living environment, or at least animation.
How to attract the viewer with a static picture?
It's very simple!
If you add a person there!))))
En example, can't a cat harmoniously fit into the theme with leaves?
I bet it can!

Ready artwork

For reference I select a photo one of my cat named Chantal
I shoted her in an unusual position, as if she was looking at something that is above.
Let it be a falling leaf!

This time I chose the program Krita to implement my idea


I've favorite set in this program too, which I usually draw with

Favorite brushes

With Wet Paint brush (it is highlighted in the previous screen) I draw base colors.
The color picker in Krita is opened by clicking on the color icon

Color Palette

Something like this will artwork in these colors.

Step 1_Base colors

With the same brush, I sketch out the silhouette of a cat, looking on the reference.
I blur the background slightly with a Blender Basic brush

Step 2_Cat colors

When all the colors I need are typed, I start drawing with the Wet Paint Details brush.

Step 3_Detalization

I draw the cat's face especially carefully.

Step 4_Cat close up

Along the way, I draw the fallen leaves, in which the cat sits.
I found that I had sketched more light colors on the left side, but it's shade site.
Correcting - making the right side lighter.

Step 4_Colors of leaves

Then I draw the object of observation of the kitty - a falling leaf.
Move it a little to the center using Move tool, in accordance with the direction of her look.

Step 5_Leaf alone

To add a dynamic, I blurred copy of leaf's layer with filter named Lens blur

Lens blur

Step 6_Blurred Leaf

I draw the cat's whiskers with a Pencil with the selected stroke stabilization function

Stabilization option

Step 7_Whiskers

And finally I tried to do the final color correction in Krita
With adjust filter Color balance
(I make the shadow cold and the light warm)

Color balance

Yes, I like it!
It's ready artwork

Ready artwork

Thanks a lot for your attention by my tutorials!
Have a nice and creative day!

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daring-celt inspiration

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