Digital art_2020. Wyoming

Hi friends!

Today I show you how I drew one more landscape
I inspired of excellent shots maked my friendin from Whaleshares @viking-ventures when she travelled in Wyoming

Ready artwork

Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2
I sketched on the base layer something like this - with mountains in the background, with a forest in the middle.
And on the front, for greater expressiveness, I decided to add a willow-herb flowers


Create a new layer and paint the sky and clouds.
Yes, at this stage, it is advisable to immediately determine the source of light, so that later you do not get confused in the shadows and do not create a phantasmagoria from a nightmare instead of a realistic landscape)))). I decided that the sun will be on the left, which means that the light will "fall" on the earth from the upper left corner.
For the clouds, I specially created two brushes: one for the base shape of the cumulus clouds,

Clouds brush 1

and the other for detailing and for thin feathery "lines"

Clouds brush 2

Also on a new layer I sketch out the colors of the ridge in the background.
According to the law of tonal perspective, the further from us the object, the less saturated and visually colder its color will be.

Step 1_Sky

I create a few more layers and on each of them draw a medium plan with forests and wastelands. The closer to the foreground, the "warmer" and more saturated the green color becomes.
To paint the sky and selected surfaces of the earth, I use a simple, hard Oil Rough brush, allowing strokes to overlap large areas.

Old Rough

Here and there I smooth out the transitions with the main working Oil Brist 2

Oil Brist 2

Step 2_Green

At this stage, I am finally determined with the main light and shade, so turn off the layer with the sketch.
I add a lake to the center of the picture.

Step 3_Lake

Next, I draw the shadows on the mountains deeper, more clearly - the edges of the clouds and determine how much area I will occupy the foreground.

Step 4_Shadows

It's so sorry to haven't a brushes with different form in SAI (only round brushes).
So I created a triangle brush in Photoshop and drew with it far forest in middle right hill.

I open Photoshop, create a new file there, approximately 300 pixels by 300 pixels in size. To create a new brush - just right!
Then select on the toolbar "Polygon" (Poligonal Tool)

Polygon Tool

Set this options 

Polygon Tool_options

and draw a shape as fir-tree

Brush Tip shape

Then I create new brush with Edit - Define Brush

Define brush

Our new brush icon at the very end of the brush set

New brush

I set these options I need for my work



Shape Dynamics

Shape Dynamics

Color Dynamics

I choose the foreground and background colors from two shades of green.

Color Dynamics

I create two brushes to drawing a forest.

Second shape is that

Second brush

Testing brushes

Well done!


I paint a distant forest with these new brushes
At this stage, I also finally detail the background and make the surface of the lake more realistic (glare from the sun and shadows from nearby trees in the water)

Step 6_Forest

Next, I add falling shadows to the freestanding trees and start sketching (on a new layer) the foreground - the general array of grass and individual stems (with Ink Pen).

Ink Pen

I also use a shadow to separate the two distant hills from the forest in the middle of the picture, to even more clearly distinguish the plans and show the uneven lighting from a large array of clouds in the sky.

Step 7_Herbal

Time for a willow-herb flowers in the foreground.
I choose the same hard Ink Pen and draw flowers, focusing on the light source in the picture: on the left there are lighter, lilac shades, on the right - darker and colder.


There are very small touches left, like patches of snow on the tops of the mountains and shadows in the front grass.

Final details

Using color correction in Photoshop, I even out the color palette and brighten the whole picture a little.
And now, the final of the work!

Ready artwork

I hope you'll like my new art ;)

Have a nice and creative day!


Cross-posr from Hive, Whaleshares and translate from Golos

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