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Digital art_2020. On another Planet

Hi friends!

Today, on my new artwork I tried to imagine how the live world could be arranged on another planet.
And now such a strange and cute character came to my mind...

Ready artwork

Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2



Texture background

Step 1_Background

Base color of character

Step 2_Character

Magic flowers

I was inspired by ordinary earthy irises

Step 3_Flowers

Direction of light

Step 4_Direction of Light

Adding a details

Step 5_Details

The character was conceived in contrasting colors, it was necessary to find harmonious combinations

Step 6_Details 2

Eyes on the tail - sometimes it is convenient to examine an object from different angles...

Step 6_Details 3

On this step I decided to replace a color of background to more dark.

Step 8_Dark color of background

Then I opened my drawing in Photoshop and make some stars for wonderful mood.

Step 8_Stars

and some beautiful color light (a few chaotic brush strokes on new layer in Linear light mode)

Step 9_Beautiful highlight

Finally color correction and so, our new fantasy world is ready!

Ready artwork

Have a nice and creative day! Believe in most unusual thinks!


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daring-celt inspiration
daring-celt inspiration

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