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Digital art_2020. A Keeper of the World

Hi friends!

Once I caught the eye of another my old sketch. I drew a wolf.
I thought that he was worthy of creating a full-fledged art from it.
And so this story was invented - a magical animal looks at the world from a window of parallel space.
And nobody knows if it really exists or is it just an illusion ...


Ready artwork

Old sketch

Old sketch

I decided to change the landscape a little, made it a little more non-standard and more mysterious

Initially, the sketch was made in Photoshop, I decided to continue working in a more convenient program for me - Paint Tool SAI 2

New sketch

Color for sky and choosing a direct of light (from the Moon)

Step 1_Sky

Base color for the ground

I want to create a picture in my favorite mystical cold colors, with separate contrasting shades

Step 2_Ground

I add details of the environment around the wolf, as well as areas of the forest on the left.

Use my usual working brush Oil Brist 2 and Clouds

Step 3_Details of Environment

I begin to work out the details - I draw an animal, I put light and shadow on trees and stones

Step 4_Wolf

At this stage, I didn't like the background of the landscape, and I came up with an option in which the Wolf seemed to float in the air, looking at the world from a dark portal

Step 5_Portal

I smooth out the sky in the background, add highlights from the moonlight to the lake, and make the mystical patterns on the Wolf's face more realistic (by changing the layer blend mode)

Step 6_Pattern

Now you can work more on the appearance of the character. I paint wool with a hard brush Ink Pen

Step 7_Wolf Fur

On a foreground I decided to draw a lupins.
According to the legends of the ancient Celts, these are flowers which are protected by the wolf.

Step 8_Lupins

This is what ready art looks like

Step 9_Final

Finally color correction & sharping in Photoshop

Ready artwork

I hope you'll like my new tutorial and the character

Have a nice and creative day!


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Digital-painter, photigrapher, retoucher and owner 13th cats from Russia

daring-celt inspiration
daring-celt inspiration

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