Digital art_2019. Still life with persimmons.

Hi friends!

Today I tell and show you how I draw a still life - with beautiful fruits and drapery.
I chose to draw a persimmons - it's very saturated and colorful fruit.

Ready artwork

After reviewing several photos with persimmon, I came up with an interesting composition, where the central object is a bowl of fruit.

After some sketches I chose this.


Color palette was this
(drawing in Paint Tool SAI 2)

Color Palette

I start my work by identifying base colors.

Yes, I use the same favorite brushes Oil Brist 2, Old Rough and Inks Pen I listed in this tuitorial

Step 1_Base colors

It is very important at the initial steps to determine a direction of the lighting, so that later you don't get confused in the shadows.

Step 2_Shadows and highlight

Then I drew a folds of drapery according to the direction of illumination.
In my opinion, this is not a very thin, dense enough fabric, which lies in beautiful folds.

Step 3_Drapery

Detalizate a leaves and added a flowers of persimmons.

I pay attention to the colored reflexes from the fabric falling on the fruit and apply them

At the same stage, I sketch out persimmon flowers

Step 4_Fruits and reflexes

Then I went to make a texture wall behind a table.

I chose a suitable texture from free distribution stocks, put it in my work and set the blending mode to Soft light.

I also paint the wood texture with a brush Ink Pen

Step 5_Texture wall

Some details of art


Shadows and highlights on the fruit that accentuate the volume of the shape


Drawing drop shadows and details of flowers

Step 6_flowers

Refine individual falling shadows

Flowers_close up

Some color correction and sharping finally

Ready artwork

Thanks for your attention to my tutorials!

Have a nice day!


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