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Digital art_2019. Herring in a fur coat

Hi friends!

Sometimes I like to draw stories with humor)))
This character came about when I was thinking about the topic of New Year's food. It seemed to me too boring to draw the appearance of an ordinary dish.
Why not add a version of a humanized dish, I thought!

This is a comic scene on the theme of a popular New Year's dish that people like to cook in Russia.

Ready artwork

Sketch in Photoshop


I select a palette of colors.
I would like to depict the scene in contrasting colors, but in soft pastel colors, reminiscent of a winter salad

Color Palette

I start by choosing colors for the character.
The real color of the herring is not very expressive, so I choose a nice green color for her coat.

Step 1_Character

Then I sketch out the salad base colors underneath.

Step 2_Salad

I detail the character and the top layers of the salad with mayonnaise and elements of vegetable decor on top

Step 3_Salad and decor

At this step I modify the character - I change the color of her coat to a more attractive one and add accessories - green on the bag, a wreath of green peas

Step 4_Character details

Only the background remains.
I select a square gradient from the prepared palette so that it makes the character stand out.
And I also decided to humorize further and added an impromptu curtain of mayonnaise drips from above.

Step 5_Background

The final touch is drop shadows and color correction.
That's all.
If this picture made you smile. it means that the artist has achieved his target!

Ready artwork

This artwork you can purchase in full size in my digital gallery on Makers Place

Many thanks for your attention and donation!


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Digital-painter, photigrapher, retoucher and owner 13th cats from Russia

daring-celt inspiration
daring-celt inspiration

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