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By Dapp.com | Dapp.com | 22 Jul 2020

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If you’re among a huge number of people looking for genuine experiences and off-the-beaten-track destinations and need a place to contribute your travel experiences, then it’s perfect to try these two travel blogs on Hive blockchain.

TravelFeed is developing a global community of independent travelers, where it’s easy to meet new people and find travel information, and where you can earn from writing travel blogs.




On centralized blog platforms, not only are you not getting paid for your content, but these platforms also sell your data and demand payment from you for your content to be seen by your followers.

On TravelFeed, you enjoy the benefit of being a travel content creator, with the help of blockchain technology. You only concentrate on creating awesome travel content to get HIVE token rewards, which can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or fiats to pay for your travels or hold to gain more influence on the blockchain. The community vote on your post to determine how much your reward is. TravelFeed also holds contests with great crypto prizes, so keep an eye for that!

What to do after you’ve written a great travel blog? Pin it on a world map! So other travelers will find it when they are exploring that certain area.


Pinmapple makes it possible for you.

It’s a world map with many pins created by travelers. Each pin is a link to a relative travel blog to that certain location. You can either discover anything interesting for your next travel destination or add your own travel blogs on Hive blockchain to the map. Before being one of the first projects to fully migrate to Hive, it used to be Steemitworldmap on Steem.




Pinmapple consists of over 50 000 pins contributed by users. And the default view only shows the best travel pins. So it’s important to filter the map wisely. You can search for pins from a particular author if you know their Hive username. Or you can filter by tags used in posts, such as hotel, New York, shopping, cafe... Or simply filter the pins added by date to see the latest ones. Its team of curators will read through every post to guarantee the quality of what you read.

By clicking on the pin, you’ll see a list of blogs. Click a blog, and you are redirected to the original blog on Hive blockchain. The author will get token rewards if the blog is upvoted. Every day, the Pinmapple team also curates the best travel posts and issues a Travel Digest. This is to support authors by helping them gain more exposure and recognition. 

If it’s hard to go out and travel around the world under this special circumstance. But it’s okay. Stay at the city you are right now, Actifit offers you rewards for your daily activities.


Actifit is an innovative social dapp powered by Hive Blockchain. Download and use its mobile app on your phone allows you to earn token rewards via auto-tracking your everyday activity. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.




At least we can still go for a jog, walk our dogs, mow our lawn, or go for a grocery shopping; at home, we can cruise around in the living room, or stretch our legs on the balcony. Reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count, post a report via the app, and you can claim the rewards. Super easy.

The rewards include AFIT tokens, Actifit's own token, but also HIVE, STEEM, and SPORTS token rewards via upvotes on supported blockchains and partner communities. Your AFIT tokens can be exchanged on Actifit Market to signup for fitness or nutrition-related consultation sessions, buying ebooks… A really positive circle to monetize your daily activities and keep healthy! Though we’re lockdown at home now, we should remember that rest breeds rust.


So whether you can go out travel or just stay where you are, these amazing social dapps on Hive will provide you much fun and earning!

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