DLIVE Lino token swap to $BTT just started!
DLIVE Lino token swap to $BTT just started!

By DaniBom | danibom | 25 Feb 2020

As you may know the popular streaming platform DLIVE was integrated into the Tron ecosystem a few weeks ago.

Starting yesterday, all Non-US Lino holders can swap their Lino Tokens at a 3% premium on Poloniex and the option will be open until April 14.

To participate, you must create an account on Poloniex.com.

  • Minimum LINO to convert = 1 LINO
  • The BTT exchange rate will be based off the BTT market price on Poloniex.com at the time you choose to convert
  • A 3% premium will be granted to LINO holders who participate
  • You must create an account on Poloniex.com to receive BTT
  • Your Lino account will require you to follow certain instructions and agree to a set of terms and conditions

For US customers the procedure is different, and you can find instruction on this announcement

Many streamers already started to offer TRX and BTT tokens for free to viewers, further growing the Tron Ecosystem.



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